Hansel ‘BnTeT’ Ferdinand

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jan 22, 2018

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Hansel ‘BnTeT’ Ferdinand

Hansel ‘BnTeT’ Ferdinand is a 22-year-old cyber athlete from Indonesia. He is one of the few professional players who practice and compete in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Tyloo. He takes on the role of the rifler, supporting his teammates in any situation that arises in-game.

Dining with Tyloo

Travels around the world with his teammates competing in top CSGO tournaments, breaking away from gaming all day, he takes the opportunity to see the sights, trying their traditional food and partying with his friends.

Where it all began:

Hansel used to play video games in his younger days, playing at the local Internet cafe, where he met other gamers like him. He would practice Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and watch esports tournaments with a dream that one day he could be a strong CS player in future.

Counter Strike Global Offensive vg 3

Ferdinand pursued his professional career in 2015 competing in CSGO for Jakarta Juggernauts. Improving his fighting skills, he joined Recca Esports in 2016 and spent nearly two years with them, making a name for himself in the Chinese esports scene. He gets his motivation to be a better player through his parents who believe in him to be the best.

The Team:

Tyloo is a Chinese esports team that was founded in May 2007 and is currently managed by Dongwei ‘kindy’ Yan. The organization is widely known as one of the leading top CSGO teams in China. They started competing in CS 1.6 until March 2013.

Tyloo CSGO roster2

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had been released in 2012 and the professional players decided to switch to play the latest video game. Tyloo CSGO team consists of the pro gamers, Mo as captain, DD, somebody, BnTeT and the latest addition is xccurate from Recca Esports who joined 18th January 2018.

Competition Participation:

The esports tournaments that Tyloo BnTet has participated in include the Qualifiers StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 4 – Asia, EPICENTER 2017 – Wildcard, PGL Major Krakow, Dreamahck Masters Malmo among many. The most recent Major matches that Ferdinand took part in was the CSGO Super League 2017, China Top 2017 – Shenzhen, Asia Minor Championship – Boston 2018 and many more esports tournaments.

CSGO tournament Asia Minor Boston

Throughout Hansel’s gaming experience, he has competed against some of the leading CS teams such as MVP PK, Gambit, Flash Gaming, Vega Squadron, Renegades, Faze Clan, Cloud9, Hellraisers, Vici Gaming and Fnatic.


The great accomplishment in BnTeT’s gaming career was at the ROG Masters 2017. He attended the esports tournament representing Tyloo, where they managed to reach the finals but lost to Gambit Gaming with a record of 0-3. Despite the loss, the CS team were proud to claim their highest winnings so far of a remarkable $58K.

The second achievement won by BnTeT and his team Tyloo was at the Minor competition, China Cup I. In the finals, Tyloo beat Fnatic with an amazing score of 2-0, winning the esports tournament, taking home a reward of another $58K.

Another surprising win was at the World Cyber Arena, where BnTeT was playing for Tyloo. The professional top CSGO team won the Chinese qualifiers stage of the esports tournament, taking home their third highest prize of $21K.