CSGO Gambit; Success and an Amazing year of Esports

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Sep 05, 2017

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Cinderella sweethearts Gambit have had an amazing year of esports and it’s not over yet.  They’re less than 2 years old and they’ve been making waves in the world of professional CS:GO.

Gambit, so hot right now

They can’t seems to excel in online play but they dominate in tournament play (LAN).  They’ve recently lost a coach and key player in kane and Zeus, yet they still are on a steady pace to breaking that $1 million in prize winnings.

Gambit has been on a hot streak this, their second year of being an official CS:GO team.  Ending 2016 with a bang of a DreamHack winter win, Gambit then went on to place high in the ELEAGUE Major and then 3 months later a 2nd and first place finish at two majors.  Three months later a big first place finish at the PGL Major Krakow and most recently a 3-4th place finish at DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017.  

Gambit is my favorite team in the game right now and even with new teammates, I expect them to finish off strong this year.

Why Fitch works

Losing players is never easy and losing a coach can be just as detrimental, especially to a newer team that’s been performing so well.  This is why Fitch coming from Tengri is the best possible scenario for Gambit.  Hobbit also played on Tengri and that extra connection makes fitch a good fit.  Now it won’t be like starting from scratch again and fitch also with shot calling experience, it adds an extra level of skill to the team’s pool.

Gambit f1tch 1600x1066

Gambit f1tch. Photo Credits: realsport101

This was the team’s first performance since losing their shot caller and coach, ending with a 3-4th place finish.  Not too bad for their reputation and Fitch wasn’t a standout but he didn’t drop the ball either.  In his past 11 showings he’s been with many a minus but with the odd plus and one massive plus at the CIS Minor.  He has been steadily improving and I expect him to fit like a glove.

The Big Win

Gambits win at the PGL Major Krakow 2017 was insane!  They walked away with $500,000 USD in prize winnings and beat the Immortals for the second time in finals (first time being at DreamHack Austin).  Gambit has played with the best in the world and is sitting high on the totem pole.

AdreN was the big standout for Gambit in Krakow, he was above the rest of the competition and was the force behind Gambits stellar performance.  

What’s to come

ECS Season 4 EU Dev League is getting underway and Gambit will be competing for that golden position.  On top of that we have the ESG Tour Mykonos 2017, where Gambit will be once again put up against some of the best teams in CS:GO.  Not being in a seasonal league has its privileges but also lacks some benefits and even though this tournament has a small prize pool, it affects Gambit greatly.  However they will be in the much tougher Group A with SK Gaming, mousesports and Heroic.  All of whom have the potential to snuff out Gambit if they aren’t careful.