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Apollo ‘Apollo’ Price

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jun 20, 2017

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Apollo ‘Apollo’ Price

Apollo ‘Apollo’ Price is an American cyber athlete, taking on the role of the AD Carry for his team EnVyUs. His game tactics have given him the freedom to play LOL heroes like Caitlyn, Ashe and Ezreal at high level, with the capabilities to be resourceful and self-sufficient.

Shooting range Apollo2

Before he took the decision to be a full time gamer, Price was going to attend the University of Washington following a course in Major Computer Science. Outside of pro gaming, Price loves to play golf and practice his aim at the shooting range with his friends.

Where it all began:

Price had two older brothers who loved to play games and encouraged him to play with them too. While console games were the trend at the time, the three brothers took to playing computer games. Together they played Warcraft 3, Starcraft then on to try Dota, that eventually led Apollo to practice League of Legends.

Warcraft 3 wallpaper

Apollo was formerly known by his alias, Wizfujin, when he started playing for Team Coast, back in 2013. Today he trains in League of Legends the AD Carry position from nine in the morning until midnight and has since become one of the top players to watch out for in NA LOL matches.

The Team:

Team EnVyUs is a North American esports company that was established in 2007 by Mike ‘Hastro’ Rufail. Due to the success of the gaming association, NV supports several teams that compete in Call of Duty, CS:GO, Gears of War, Halo, League of Legends, Overwatch and Starcraft.


EnVyUs LOL was created in May 2016 after acquiring the former Renegades players Seraph, Ninja and Hakuho. This led NV to acquire a spot in the LCS league that was held by Renegades before they were banned in the NA league. The current LOL lineup consists of Apollo, Hakuho, LirA, Nisqy, Pirean and Seraph.

Competition Participation:

Back in 2013, Apollo was with Team Coast where he competed in his very first LOL tournament which was the North American Challenger League. The unit finished first taking the title, beating Complexity Gaming with the score 3:1. Since then Apollo has developed his gaming skills and strategies playing for several teams like Dignitas, Impulse and Apex Gaming before he joined NV.

NA Challenger Series

The latest LOL tournaments that Apollo has participated together with EnVyUs include 2017 NA LCS Spring and North America LCS Summer Promotion defeating Gold Coin United with the record 3:0.


While with Team Impulse, Apollo won his highest winnings in the esports tournament, Riot NA LCS 2015 Spring Playoffs. The LOL squad lost to Team Liquid with the score 2:3 that ranked them in fourth place winning a cash prize of $2K.

His second great achievement was while playing for Team Impulse, they participated in the Riot NA LCS 2015 Summer Playoffs. Apollo and his LOL squad lost to Liquid claiming their prize of $ 1,666, finishing in fourth place.