Alfonso mithy Aguirre Rodriguez

Alfonso ‘Mithy’ Aguirre Rodriguez

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Aug 10, 2017

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Alfonso ‘Mithy’ Aguirre Rodriguez

Alfonso ‘Mithy’ Aguirre Rodriguez is a Spanish cyber athlete playing League of Legends for G2 Esports. His position within the team is providing support to his allies, performing his best with heroes Karma, Tahm Kench and Bard. Mithy is renowned for his smart LOL strategies and his mechanical skills, no wonder he is considered a top tactician.

Game of Thrones tv show

Mithy looks up to international players like Gorilla, Move and MadLife, watching their performances in esports tournaments. Rodriguez favourite TV show is Game of Thrones so in his spare time he likes to catch up on the intense episodes. Dining out with his friends, he loves trying out new restaurants for their fine food and his preferred cool drink with a taste of Pineapples and Mango.

Where it all began:

The very first game that Alfonso played was Pokemon, giving him the motivation to pursue his gaming interests. When he was old enough to own a computer he started playing Counter-Strike: Source and World of Warcraft. Later he took up Bloodline Champions seriously competing at DreamHack Summer 2011 that had led him to try out League of Legends.

Counter Strike Source game

Rodriguez is known to be one of the finest support players in the LOL scene. He started his gaming career in League of Legends in July 2012 competing for Giants Gaming but his rise to fame was with Lemondogs, qualifying for a spot in the World Championships Season 3.

The Team:

G2 Esports is a European gaming association, originally called Gamers 2 was established in February 2014. The club has professional esports teams that specialize in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, Vainglory and Rocket League, taking their gaming potentials to new heights.


G2 LOL team have made a name for themselves as the Kings of Europe, with their aggressive playstyles. The current G2 LOL roster consists of Expect, Mithy, Perkz, Trick and Zven. At the moment, G2 find top teams like Fnatic, H2K and SK Telecom T1, the most challenging in competition so far.

Competition Participation:

The esports tournaments that Mithy and his team Origen have participated include 2016 EU LCS Spring and IEM X World Championship. While with the squad, Mithy had experience competing against top teams like TSM, Counter Logic Gaming, SK Telecom T1 and Fnatic.

Rift Rivals LOL

With Mithy’s current unit, G2 Esports, they took part in the 2017 Rift Rivals – Blue, 2017 Mid-Season Invitational as well as IEM Season XI – World Championship, finishing second in all these competitions.


The greatest accomplishment so far while competing for G2 was at the 2017 EU LCS Spring Season. Mithy and his unit competed against Unicorns of Love, beating them with the epic score 3:1 to win first prize of an amazing $100K.

Another memorable tournament while competing for G2 was the 2016 European LOL Summer Championships. Mithy and his pro team beat Splyce with the record 3:1, taking the title, they won the remarkable cash prize of $50K. At this esports tournament, G2 received an All-Pro Team award which has proven the LOL scene their worth in competitions.