Titian ‘Tizian’ Feldbusch

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 12, 2018

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Titian ‘Tizian’ Feldbusch

Titian ‘Tizian’ Feldbusch is a 21-year-old professional esports player that hails from Germany. He trains competitively in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as the rifler for Berlin International Gaming. He is known to be a strong and experienced player that has played at prestigious esports tournaments.

PUBG video game

Aside from playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Feldbusch also practices PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Golf with your friends. After a long hard day’s work, Titian likes to go out in the evenings with his friends, drinking beer and listening to music.

Where it all began:

Feldbusch began his professional gaming career practicing Counter Strike 1.6 when he was 17 years old playing alongside Fatih ‘gob b’ Dayik. Eventually like other games, he switched to play CSGO, competing in the international esports scene in 2012 with dotpiXels e.V coming in second place at the EPS Spring 2013.

Counter Strike 1.6

He made a name for himself while playing for aTTaX as a support player, famous for his dangerous and spectacular Deagle rounds to make up for lost points.

The Team:

BIG is an abbreviation of Berlin International Gaming, a German esports company that was formed by Fatih ‘gob b’ Dayik, Nikola ‘Legija’ Ninic and Johannes ‘tabseN’ Wodarz. Their mission is to be the leaders of German Esports, taking on International teams on the world stage. Players who compete for the team, BIG play to win for they love gaming, that represents the values of a true pro gamer. Berlin International gaming support teams that compete in CSGO, PUBG, and Quake.

BIG CSGO roster

BIG CSGO was launched in January 2017, gathering the best German pro players. The Counter-Strike roster consists gob b, tabseN, nex and the latest additional gamers, Tizian from Alternate aTTaX and LuckeRRR who is currently on trial. The squad aims to work to improve their game plays and strategies to step up their A-game.

Competition Participation:

The latest esports tournaments that pro player Tizian and his new team, BIG was competing at the major Play2Live Cryptomasters and Play2live Showmatch by GameAgents, where the squad beat Godsent 2-1.

Play2live Cryptomasters

While with Alternate aTTaX, Tizian participated in the Farmskins Championship #2, IEM Katowice European qualifiers, the major, ESL Meisterschaft: Winter 2017 and the qualifiers of LOOT.BET Cup #2. He acquired the competitive streak competing against top teams like Avangar, Singularity Esports, Red Reserve, AGO Gaming, Divizon, and EXtatus, improving his playstyle and CS strategies.


The great win for Tizian so far was at CSGO tournament Eleague Season 2. He was playing for Alternate aTTaX at the time, where he and his team managed to reach the Group Stages. However, BIG and Tizian lost to Navi which led to their elimination finishing the Eleague tournament in the 15th place, taking home his highest prize of $30K.

Another great accomplishment for pro player Tizian and his squad at the time, Alternate ATTaX was the major match, Esports World Convention 2016. The CSGO team dominated the entire esports tournament defeating Fnatic Academy in the Quarterfinals, Platinium Esports in Semifinals. The final match saw aTTaX beat Team LDLC.com, to win the title of the Esports World Convention 2016, winning the first prize of $20K.