The Mighty Eight Of The Dota Summit 7

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jun 10, 2017

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The Dota Summit comes back on its seventh season. Showcasing a prize pool of $100,000, The Summit is known to the community as an event with a fun atmosphere and entertaining laid-back couch commentaries. This year, another set of eight teams will share the fun and excitement of this tournament as they battle Dota 2 games in Los Angeles, California.

Virtus Pro

The Russian warriors once again will try to take hold of the crown after their successful attempt during the previous season. VP won the title against OG last year. This season is their third participation and VP are evidently willing to do what it takes to maintain the reign.

Team VG.J

The Chinese squad lead by rOtk will join The Summit moments this season. They are the second team to receive a direct invite. This is their chance to showcase some strength and impose threats to the opponents as TI7 approaches. Team VG.J in the past months hasn’t shown any signs of dominance, and this might be the time where they unleash it.

Team Secret

The “monitor warrior” Puppey and company will also be seen in this event. Team Secret got the third and last invite of the Dota Summit 7. Currently the favourite of the community after what happened in Manila Masters, Puppey will surely entertain the viewers not only by his gameplay but also with the memes and jokes.


Chaos (previously Team Onyx) qualified in this event as a replacement to Clutch Gamers who were supposed to represent SEA region but cannot attend due to visa issues. DC’s underwhelming performance in the past tournaments cannot stop them from making a big name in the competitive scene. This event is their ticket towards imposing threats to other teams as TI7 comes close.

LGD Gaming

LGD Gaming also gets to fly to California as a replacement for CDEC Gaming who cannot attend caused by visa issues. Similar to fellow Chinese men Team VG.J, LGD also needs to assert dominance in the professional Dota scene. This is their chance, and they should not take it for granted.

Natus Vincere

Dendi, the community’s favourite personality, will be participating this season after they won the European qualifiers spot. This is NaVi’s third participation of this tournament series, and they haven’t made any success during the past two attempts. But Dendi’s presence in this event is something people can look forward to as well as his reunion with Puppey and Artstyle.

Team NP

Another favourite personality regarding memes, EternalEnvy will also be around. Team NP won the American qualifiers spot. They have proved their worth during the Manila Masters, and they are not afraid to show it again this time. On a different note, there’s a high chance we will see EE and Puppey interact with each other in this event. It could be “the chair versus the monitor” once again.

Team Empire

The last on the list is the Russian Team Empire who gets in after winning the Lootbet Invitational spot. Team Empire hasn’t made a lot of international exposure this year, and this event is their first time in the past months to showcase their status.


This season of the Summit will undoubtedly be the best as veterans, and long-time friends or enemies meddle with each other under a single roof.  This is the event where they can enjoy everyone’s company before the real heat of The International 7 takes place.

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