14 Jun 2017 - 18 Jun 2017

Dota Summit 7

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Prize Pool

  1. 1. $42,500
  2. 2. $22,500
  3. 3. $13,000
  4. 4. $10,000
  5. 5 - 6. $3,500
  6. 7 - 8. $2,500

Beyond the Summit is organizing a Dota 2 event in Los Angeles on the 14 June till 18 June. The Summit 7 is the seventh tournament of the series organised by BTS, a broadcasting studio and event organizer who provide esports entertainment for fans and gamers around the world. This prestigious competition has grown to support a variety of esports games such as Dota 2, Overwatch, CS:GO and Super Smash Bros. Melee.


The previous competition, The Summit 6 was held last November 2016, saw Virtus.Pro win the grand finale against team OG with the score of 3:0. VP were the proud winners scooping the top reward of an amazing $42K.


The format of the Summit 7 will feature four squads separated into two groups to play the best-of-three. Four teams will be eliminated so that the remaining units advance to the playoffs. In this round the best two Dota squads will be determined from both groups, going head to head in the Summit 7 Finals.  


Beyond the Summit have revealed the teams that will be participating these include the direct invitations to last year’s winners, Virtus.Pro, Team VG.J and Team Secret. Four other teams had to go through qualifying matches to represent regions like Digital Chaos for SEA, LGD Gaming for Chinese, Natus Vincere for the European region and Team NP for Americas. A spot for this year’s competition will the Lootbet Invitational featuring a rising team full of potential, Team Empire. The Summit 7 will host eight of the most talented units who will compete for the top reward of $42K.



The latest Major win for Virtus.Pro was the Russian Esports Cup 2017, beating Team Empire with the score of 2:0. Their highest achievement in 2017 so far has been when they competed at The Kiev Major 2017, losing to Team OG, taking home a prize of $500K. Will last year’s Summit 6 winners keep their title again in summer 2017 tournament?


Digital Chaos

In the Summit 7 representing South East Asia is the qualified team, DC. They have participated in last year’s Summit 6 losing to Team OG in the quarterfinals. Their latest competitions were Zotac Cup Masters, Dota Summit 7 qualifiers and The Kiev Major, losing to Team NP and VG.J. Will Digital Chaos manage to go through to the Semi-Finals?


Team NP

Representing the American esports region is Team NP, who have beaten Digital Chaos in the American qualifiers of the DOTA Summit 7. Their latest esports competitions include the ZOTAC Cup Masters, The Manila Masters and EPICENTER 2017 AM Qualifier, however NP have not been on a winning streak since the qualifying match against DC. Team NP could surprise fans but do they have what it takes?


Team Empire

In the Lootbet Invitational, a promising Russian esports team qualified to participate in the Dota Summit 7. Their latest accomplishment was beating Vega Squadron in the qualifying matches of the Lootbet Invitational with the record of 3:2. They had the privilege to compete against some of the world’s leading teams like Cloud 9, Virtus.Pro, Navi and Alliance while improving on their gaming strategies. Will they go through to the Semi-Finals and surprise the esports community?


The Dota 2 tournament will host eight of the most talented units who will battle it out for the top reward of $42K. Who deserves to win the title of the Summit 7?