The Esports winners of FIFA eWorld Cup and IEM Shanghai

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Aug 06, 2018

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After the Football World Cup fever, all esports fans were excited about the hype of the FIFA eWorld Cup. Mosaad Aldossary won the finals held in London, taking the impressive trophy and the grand prize of $250K. Meanwhile, all the way from China was the IEM Shanghai where NRG Esports proved to be a dominant force to win the CS: GO tournament, a proud team that claimed the first prize of $125K.

MSDossary Celebrates His Win at Fifa eWorld Cup Final.

Mossad MSDossary Aldossary won the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018

Mossad ‘MSDossary’ Aldossary, the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 Champion

The 18-year-old gamer, Mosaad ‘MSDossary’ Aldossary from Saudi Arabia was the EA Sports FIFA 18 World Champion. His celebration comes after outplaying his Belgian opponent, Stefano Pinna in the grand finals with an unbeatable score of 4-0.

EWorld Cup Grand Finals 2018 took place at the O2 Arena in London, a popular venue for music concerts. This esports event brought along 32 FIFA players that battled it out in the World Championship, held between the 2nd until the 4th August 2018. The Grand Final tournament was streamed live through Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and the official FIFA website.  

Aldossary has recently won the FUT Spring Cup in Manchester that led him to qualify in the FIFA eWorld Cup. The Saudi Arabian gamer considered as one of the best defensive players is hopeful to be an undefeated esports champ every year. MSDossary said: “This is my second event in the UK and second win, so I think this is my second home. I hope every year I am the champion again.”

FIFA player msdossary

In the finals, both players, MSDossary and Pinna had the former Dutch player Gullit on their sides which brought about the fascinating commentary of “Gullit on Gullit, and he’s lost out”. Aldossary’s defence strategies were putting pressure on his opponents forcing them to play a different kind of game style as PSV Eindhoven player Pinna said: “It was difficult for me, especially on the Xbox side, on the PlayStation side I didn’t score my chances, and he did well.” He continues to explain: “He didn’t let me play my game style because of his pressure. His defence is amazing.”

Mosaad Aldossary’s remarkable strong defence and adaptability of playing on both consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was an extraordinary win for him. The Saudi Arabian, took the FIFA eWorld Cup Trophy, to claim his incredible prize of $250K. On top of this, he is invited to the Best FIFA Football Awards that will be held in September, holding up a new gleaming cup of gold. He expressed his amazing winning moment by saying: “I’m really proud that I made my country proud.”

NRG Esports are the conquerors of IEM Shanghai 2018

The Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai kicked off last Wednesday 1 August and ended with the finals on the 6th August. The CS: GO tournament took place at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in China, where eight professional teams battled it out to hopefully win their fair share from an overwhelming prize pool of $250K.

IEM Shanghai 2018

NRG Esports kicked off the Group Stages beating top CSGO teams like 5Power Gaming and Hellraisers. Topping the Group Stages was NRG and who advanced to the Semi-finals, after showing off their excellent performances. While Home team, Tyloo and Gambit Esports were on top CS squads in the Group B Matches.

The semifinals saw NRG beat Gambit in the maps Train and Overpass with a stunning score of 2-0. Meanwhile, Tyloo took the lead in Train 20-22 and Cache 18-22. In the Inferno map, Tyloo seemed to be vulnerable having lost with a score of 16-9 in favour of the Poles, Virtus.Pro.

The North American team, NRG Esports took the IEM trophy and claimed the first prize of a staggering $125K. The finals featured NRG that beat Tyloo with a fantastic record of 2-0. In the first map, Overpass the American Counter-Strike players took control early on in the game. As round after round, Tyloo were picking up their pace, the unit found it hard to counter-act their enemy defence system, and this led to an advantage of 16-9 in favour of NRG.

NRG Esports win IEM Shanghai 2018

NRG Esports win IEM Shanghai 2018

The CSGO team, Tyloo picked as the second map, Mirage where the Asian unit planted a bomb on Site B. The clutch move on behalf of NRG player, Jacob ‘Fugly’ Medina defused the bomb at the last second to take the first round. In the fourth game, NRG took the lead slowly with Tyloo struggling to keep up and from then all the odds were against them. NRG Esports took the pistol round and eventually closed the match with a comfortable win of 16-2 to become the champions of the Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai 2018.