Son ‘Mickey’ Young-min

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Sep 25, 2017

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Son ‘Mickey’ Young-min

Son ‘Mickey’ Young-min is a professional LOL cyber athlete currently competing for Team Liquid as their mid laner. Previously known as MickeyGod, he has an aggressive playstyle and takes reckless crazy risks. Statistically Son has performed his best with heroes Zed, Ekko, Lucian and Gallo that led his team to win LOL tournaments.

Fresh from South Korea, Mickey is currently learning English so he could communicate better with his teammates and understand game tactics. He looks up to professional gamer Bjergsen from Team Solomid and his gaming role model was Hong’ Yellow’ Jin Ho, who is now a retired Starcraft programmer.

Where it all began:

Son was around seven years old when he started playing video games like Sudden Attack and League of Legends. He would enter the PC room at school and find his friends play LOL so he played the video game once in a while but it was not fun as he would lose many a time. He bought LOL video game so as to train at home to improve on his skills. After a month of practice, he learned how to kill opponents and since then has never stopped gaming.

Sudden Attack2

Mickey started his professional esports career in June 2014 with Team WE Academy. He made his debut with Afreeca Freecs in 2016, becoming a pro player that showed great potential to beat Faker and SK Telecom T1.

The Team:

Team Liquid is a professional gaming company that was established in 2000, based in The Netherlands. The company started out with a unit competing in Starcraft II soon after its gaming release. As esports was becoming even more popular, the association saw the need to expand creating new units that compete in CS: GO, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Dota 2, Smash, Street Fighter, Halo and FIFA. TL is famous for their Dota squad that have recently won The International 7 and for their informative websites covering esports teams, players and tournaments.

Team Liquid LOL roster

Liquid formed their League of Legends roster in 2015, acquiring the former Team Curse players. Roster changes have taken place through the years to make up the best LOL squad. The unit currently consists of Dardoch, Mickey, Piglet, Matt, Goldenglue, Lourlo and Reignover who will need to step up together to avoid low rankings and perform better than their expectations.

Competition Participation and Winnings:

The greatest accomplishment so far for Mickey was at the IEM XI World Championship 2017 competing for Rox Tigers. Advancing through the group stages, the LOL unit beat M19 and H2k-Gaming to reach the Semi-finals but lost to top team G2 Esports. Mickey and his squad finished in third place, scooping up a prize of $13K.

Mickey has participated in several League of Legends tournaments such as the 2017 LCK Spring, competing for Rox Tigers. They managed to win against Kongdoo Monsters, Jin Air Green Wings and BBQ Olivers as well as a close tie with Afreeca Freecs.

While Mickey was playing for Afreecs Freecs in 2016, the LOL team attended the LOL KeSPA Cup, LCK Regional Qualifier, LCK Summer and Spring tournaments. gathering a prize pool for the year of $39K.