Quinn ‘CC&C’ Callahan

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Feb 01, 2018

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Quinn ‘CC&C’ Callahan

Quinn Callahan is a 19-year-old American cyber athlete also known as CC&C, who plays Dota 2 professionally. He is one of the young talents currently competing for Optic Gaming, practising the solo middle role with signature dota characters, Templar Assassin, Windranger and Puck, to help his team win tournaments.

Being a gamer is not all about playing video games all day but he loves to hang out with his friends, drinking beer or perhaps watch a good film. He enjoys travelling with his teammates to different countries to participate in esports events held around the world, taking the opportunity to see the important cultural sights.

Where it all began:

dota 2 game2

Quinn began playing Dota 2 in December 2012. He is famous as the young talented player by the alias, CC&C which means cool, calm and collected. Callahan’s professional career kickstarted in 2016, competing for esports team, FDL. He has played for other squads like is GG, Team Freedom and The Dire. Presently representing Optic Gaming, CC&C’s gameplays have shown some of the best laning skills to assist his team towards success.

The Team:

Optic Gaming was founded in 2006 by five professional Call of Duty players, one of them was Optic Jon3s. The gaming company is well known for its YouTube presence, social media and interaction with fans. The association supports teams that compete in COD, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Halo, Gears of War, Dota 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and League of Legends.

optic dota roster

Optic Gaming created their Dota 2 team back in September 2017, originally acquiring The Dire squad. Since then Misery left the squad to join EG while Saksa stood in to replace him temporarily for the rest of the year 2017. The current team consists of the pro players, ppd as captain, Pajkatt, CC&C, Zai and their latest addition of 33, who together will take their gaming skills to the next level to continue doing what they do best, play dota 2.

Competition Participation:

CC&C and his team, Optic have participated in the qualifiers of ESL One Katowice North America Last Chance, The Bucharest Major, StarLadder i-League Invitational #4. The two major esports tournaments that Quinn competed in while playing for Optic was the Dota Summit 8 and ROG Masters 2017.

Rog Masters 2017

In Callahan’s gaming career so far he has competed against top dota teams like Animal Planet, VGJ.Storm, CES, Complexity, Empire, Digital Chaos, TNC and Immortals. Competing against pro units has helped Quinn develop his playstyle, improving on his mistakes to be a top esports player.


The highest winnings yet for Quinn and his team Optic was at the ROG Masters 2017. Reaching the Semifinals, the dota unit beat Penta Sports 2-0, advancing to the Grand Finals. Optic beat Team Empire with a record 2-3, taking home a staggering prize of $58K, finishing in second place.

Another achievement for CC&C was at the major event, the Dota Summit 8 while competing for Optic. Reaching the Semifinals of the Wildcard, the dota team lost to Complexity, finishing in sixth place to win a prize of $9K.