Luka ‘PerkZ’ Perković

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Aug 09, 2017

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Luka ‘PerkZ’ Perković

Luka ‘PerkZ’ Perković is a Croatian cyber athlete training and competing in League of Legends for G2 Esports. His responsibility towards his unit is taking on the position of a mid laner, practicing and playing his best with LOL champions Ahri, Leblanc, Zed and Yasuo.

His training and experience as a gamer, PerkZ managed to beat Faker in two rounds in the esports tournament, 2017 MSI. Improving his game plays by watching South Korean gamers like Faker and European esports players, Febiven and Bjergsen.

Perkz plays guitar

Perković learnt to play guitar to overcome his fear of stage fright. The discipline and commitment of knowing how to play an instrument is relaxing and helps Luka to focus on other things.

Where it all began:

In everything Luka did, whether it was a sports game like football or a computer game, he wanted to be an excellent player. The best thing that ever happened was when he began his professional career practicing League of Legends in June 2014 with teams like GSI Gaming, Gamers 2 and Millenium.

League of legends esports game

No matter how many doubts esports fans may have about PerkZ, he has delivered good performances in prestigious events, showing the world his gaming potential.

The Team:

G2 Esports is a gaming company that was created in February 2014, originally known as Gamers2. The organization has professional squads that specialize in League of Legends, CS: GO, Hearthstone, Vainglory and Rocket League.


The G2 LOL team have made a name for themselves in the European esports scene with the aggressive playstyle. G2’s challenging teams of 2017 are Fnatic and H2K and SK Telecom T1, three top teams tough to beat.

Competition Participation and Winnings:

PerkZ greatest achievements was at the EU LCS Spring where he won the Outstanding Rookie Award in 2016 and All Pro Team (Mid) in the past two years on behalf of G2 Esports. Perković and G2 LOL squad competed in 2017 European LOL Spring Championship finishing the tournament in first place. They beat German team, Unicorns of Love with the score 3:1, taking home the prize of a remarkable $100K.

PerkZ has lately participated in the Rift Rivals – Blue, the 2017 Mid-Seasonal Invitational and IEM Season XI – World Championships. G2 managed to keep up their best LOL strategies in the main events competing against the likes of SK Telecom T1 and Flash Wolves.