Jonathan ‘Reinforce’ Larsson

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jul 05, 2017

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Jonathan ‘Reinforce’ Larsson

Jonathan ‘Reinforce’ Larsson is a Swedish player that forms part of the Misfits Overwatch team. He takes on the tank position in his squad, showing his off his gaming abilities on OW heroes like Reinhardt and Winston. His work ethics and his deep understanding of the game are qualities that he brings to his unit. Larsson’s playstyle gives his allies the opportunity to be more aggressive that leads his squad to win esports tournaments.


Gaming aside, Larsson loves listening to the American heavy metal band, Metallica and loves sports especially playing basketball with his team mates.

Where it all began:

Jonathan always liked competition but never really found the one game to focus playing when he was young. Before taking on Overwatch professionally, he used to play Counter-Strike, Quake and Shootmania, Heroes of the Storm and Bloodline Champions.

Bloodline Champions video game

He always wanted to be a professional player and when he came across Overwatch, it was the game that attracted his full attention. His motivation and drive to succeed has led him to win esports tournaments and that losing a match is not an option. Reinforce lives and breathes his gaming motto that goes like “There’s a tremendous amount of risk in playing it safe.”

The Team:

Misfits is a European esports team that was founded by Ben Spoont and SyFy channel founders, Laurie Silvers and Mitch Rubenstein. Due to the success and potential of esports, the company expanded to support different teams that compete in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Overwatch, Super Smash Bros and Hearthstone.

Misfits Overwatch4

Misfits Overwatch was created in June 2016, after acquiring the former players of Graviton Surge. For the better of the team, a few roster changes took place to form a new lineup consisting of Nevix, Zebbosai, Manneten, TviQ, Reinforce and the latest addition, Mineral. Six professional players currently active competing for Misfits in Overwatch tournaments.

Competition Participation:

The very first esports competition attended by Reinforce was with PiPou Crew competing at the weekly ESL Community Cup #1 Europe, but they lost to IDDQD 0:1 finishing the match in sixth place. Other gaming accomplishments for Larsson was while playing for Rogue at the Overwatch Open. The unit lost to Misfits with the score 2:3, ranking them in fourth place to scoop their cash prize of an amazing $24K.

Overwatch Open event

Larsson and his current team, Misfits have participated in several tournaments such as Overwatch Contenders Season Zero: Europe, OW TaKeOver 2, Overwatch APEX Season 2 as well as the Intel Extreme Masters Season XI Gyeonggi.


The largest prize earned by Reinforce and his team, Rogue at the time was at the APAC Premier Finals in October 2016. The Rogue OW took the premier title defeating Lunatic-Hai with the record 4:1, taking home the prize of an overwhelming $75K.

The second great achievement for Jonathan and his team, Rogue was at the 2016 ESL OW Atlantic Showdown – Gamescom. The unit took down Reunited with the unbeatable score of 3:1, taking home a prize of $40K.