Jonathan ‘HarryHook’ Tejedor Rua

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jun 01, 2017

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Jonathan ‘HarryHook’ Tejedor Rua

Jonathan ‘HarryHook’ Tejedor Rua is a Spanish pro gamer, taking on the support position for Overwatch team EnVyUs. He has developed his skills and practised two roles that of support and DPS roles for versatility with the OW champions, Soldier:76 and Lucio. Jonathan takes on the in-game leader role, calling the shots and makes sure that speed and health boosts will save and win the team fight.

Formula one

The Spaniard HarryHook has a unique giggle that makes everyone around, laugh with him. He was once asked with whom would he spend a day with and he picked Fernando Alonso from Formula 1, because he is a fan of car racing.

Where it all began:

Jonathan liked computer games, playing against his friends and family helped instil competition in him. He used to play Team Fortress 2 for approximately two years and about three months, Harryhook played Heroes of the Storm for Team x6ctence.

Heroes of the Storm game

Gaming that was once considered a hobby turned into a profession for HarryHook who was on the lookout for an esports game that had a similar format to TF2 and found Overwatch. Jonathan kickstarted his esports career in 2016 with IDDQD team which has led him to join NV, showing off his gameplays.

The Team:

EnVyUs is an American esports organisation that was established in 2007 founded by Mike ‘Hastro’ Rufail and Tyler Thompson. The company is mostly famous for its Call of Duty team and over the years the association has expanded to support CS:GO, Gears of War, Halo, League of Legends, Overwatch and Starcraft II.

NV OW team3

EnVyUs Overwatch was created in February 2016 starting out with the signing of Team Hubris having famous players like coolmatt69 and Talespin. Many esports companies had heard of the winning streak IDDQD had kept up over the past few months and eventually NV signed on the OW lineup. The six professional players that form the current Overwatch NV roster include Taimou, HarryHook, cocco, chipshajen, Mickie and Effect.

Competition Participation:

The most recent tournaments attended in 2017 by Jonathan and NV was the Overwatch Rumble – April and OW Apex Season 2 and will continue keep up their winning streak.

Overwatch Rumble event3

HarryHook and his team have participated in esports matches such as OW World Cup, ESL Atlantic Showdown – Gamescom, Alienware Montly Melee leagues, Operation Breakout, King of the Watch Europe matches and so many more tournaments.

Ever since HarryHook and his team have played in esports tournaments they have kept up their winning streak, beating several top OW squads like Luminosity, Reunited, Team Liquid, Cloud 9 and Team Solomid.


The greatest achievement so far in HarryHook’s professional career was winning the Overwatch APEX Season 1. NV beat AF.Blue with an amazing winning record 4:0 at the premier match winning a cash prize of $87K.

The second highest win for EnVyUs was the MLG Vegas which was held last December 2016. HarryHook together with his team have defeated another leading team, Faze Clan with the score 4:0, taking home their well-deserved reward of $40K.