Hui ‘DD’ Wu

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jan 22, 2018

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Hui ‘DD’ Wu

Hui ‘DD’ Wu is a 23-year-old top professional esports player from China. He currently competes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, handling the entry fragger position for his team, Tyloo.

Spacewar video game2

Aside from practicing CSGO, Hui likes to play other video games such as Shakes and Fidget, Spacewar, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in his free time. He also loves to travel to different countries with his teammates, see the sights and getting to know the culture while also showing the esports world his gaming potential to become a top CSGO player.

Where it all began:

Hui developed an interest in gaming in his younger days by watching his brother play a shooter game. He always liked the idea of competition between siblings and other gamers. He would watch a gaming tournament on tv and aspire that one day he too will become a professional gamer. He pursued his gaming career competing in Counter-Strike 1.6 competing for Zincthai till 2012.

CounterStrike 1.6

In 2012, many professional players switched to the trending video game of the time, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Continuing his passion in video games, he represented Tyloo in 2013, learning new CS strategies and practicing his aiming skills, where he moved on to play for other CS squads like China Gd, Nface Gaming, and pow.

The Team:

Tyloo is a Chinese esports association that was founded in May 2007, managed by Dongwei ‘Kindy’ Yan. The name Tyloo derives from Tianlu, the Chinese Mythical creature. The gaming company supports a CS: GO team, worldly famous as one of the leading Counter-Strike teams in China.

Tyloo CSGO roster4

Tyloo created their Counter-Strike 1.6 team in 2010 until in 2013, the players switched to practice and train in CS: GO. Tyloo roster consists of Mo as captain, DD, somebodyBnTeT and xccurate who together have played their best at esports tournaments raking up a total of earnings reaching $870K.

Competition Participation:

The most recent CSGO tournaments that Tyloo DD has participated in include CS: GO Super League 2017, China Top 2017 – Shenzhen, Asia Minor Championship – Boston 2018, WESG 2017 China Finals and ESL One Cologne 2017. The most recent Counter-Strike Qualifier matches include StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 4 – Asia, EPICENTER 2017 – wildcard, PGL Major Krakow 2017 and DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017.

ESL One Cologne3

While DD is competing for Tyloo, he has acquired the competitive gaming experience facing top esports teams like MVP PK, Gambit, Flash Gaming, Vega Squadron, Renegades, Faze Clan, Vici Gaming, Cloud9 and Hellraisers.


The greatest accomplishment in Hui’s CS career was while playing for Tyloo at the NEA Beijing Esports Open 2016. The Chinese players won the minor event beating Born of Fire with an unbeatable score of 2-0, taking home a prize of $60K.

DD’s second achievement was at the ROG Masters 2017. Tyloo CS: GO managed to beat Splyce and Greyhound Gaming, proceeding to the finals but unfortunately they lost to Gambit Gaming with a record of 0-3. The CS unit finished in second place claiming their cash prize of $58K.