ESL One Mumbai 2019

The ESL One Mumbai 2019 is a Dota Major tournament organized by Electronic Sports League in collaboration with NODWIN Gaming. The event will kick off […]

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ESL One Mumbai 2019

From: 2019-04-19
To: 2019-04-21
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Ninjas in Pyjamas


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Gambit Gaming

GambitGGGambit Esports

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Complexity Gaming

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Digital CDCChaos

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Natus VincereNa'Vina'vinaviNAVINa`Vi

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KeeN Gaming


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TNCTNC PRo TeamTnC GamingTNC Predator

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Prize Pool

Grand total: $300,000

ESL One Mumbai 2019

The ESL One Mumbai 2019 is a Dota Major tournament organized by Electronic Sports League in collaboration with NODWIN Gaming. The event will kick off between the 19th till 21st April 2019 at the NSCI Dome. Twelve dota teams coming from the four corners of the world will compete in the major event in the hopes of winning their share from a total prize pool of $300K.  

The Earth Spirit, Kaolin set foot in India, roaming the streets of Mumbai to prepare the NSCI arena for the upcoming battles. Welcoming you at the Gateway of India, the enchanting city of Mumbai, rich in culture and historical monuments, food, music, architecture and sightseeing fun for all ages. On top of this, the ESL One Mumbai esports event will be the main gaming attraction. Aside from supporting esports teams in dota battles, you will get to meet and greet top gamers, take part in cosplay competitions as one of your favourite heroes as well as fun gaming activities. The ESL One Mumbai 2019 will be a memorable gaming event for all esports fans in India, sharing the passion to celebrate all that is Dota 2.

ESL One Mumbai 2019 Tournament Format

At the Major esports event there will be twelve participating dota teams. Six squads have already confirmed their invitation to attend. These Include Ninjas in Pyjamas, Alliance, Gambit, Complexity, Chaos, Natus Vincere and one more unit will be announced at a later date. There will be five other squads each representing regional qualifiers from North America, Europe & CIS, China, Southeast Asia and one more Indian home team.

Stay tuned for more information in the esports news section about the tournament format at ESL One Mumbai 2019.

Top Dota 2 Teams at ESL One Mumbai 2019


Signify Dota team

Representing the Indian region, Signify is an esports team that was created in July 2017. The squad have gained some competitive experience winning qualifier matches such as Cobx Masters 2019 Phase II India, ESL India Premiership 2018 Winter Masters League and the WESG 2018 West and South Asia qualifier. They also participated in Minor tournaments like JoinDota League Season 15 Asia, Asia Pacific Predator League 2019, and the ESL India Premiership 2018 Winter. They are a team that won the qualifiers of the ESL One Mumbai 2019 Asia to secure their spot for the Major event. Competing in their home country, Signify will be a favourite at the ESL One Mumbai 2019.


One of the invited teams that will competing for the European region is Alliance. Ranking among the top European dota teams, they have had the competitive experience attending several major and premier tournaments like the ESL One Katowice 2019, The Chongqing Major, The Kuala Lumpur Major and ESL One Hamburg 2018. In the history of Alliance, their significant win is The International 2013 beating Navi. The most recent accomplishment in 2019 was at the Winter Masters. Alliance managed to reach the Grand Finals but lost to Pavaga Gaming to finish in second place taking home a prize of $11K. Their experience in Majors and Premier events has definitely improved gameplay and this has led them to participate in big tournaments. How will Alliance fare at ESL One Mumbai?


The North American Dota team, Complexity Gaming received direct invitation for the ESL One Mumbai 2019. The squad have participated in many prestigious event such as ESL One Katowice 2019, DreamLeague Season 10, ESL One Hamburg 2018, World Showdown of Esports and EPICENTER XL among many tournaments. Their participation has led them to step up their game which led them to the ESL One Mumbai 2019.  

TNC Predator

TNC Predator Dota

The SouthEast Asian team, TNC Predator have achieved their significant win at the WESG 2018 Dota tournament reaching the finals, taking home the grand prize of $500K. Other esports events that TNC have attended also include the Asia Pacific Predator League 2019, The Chongqing Major, The Kuala Lumpur Major and so many more. Their great performances over the past few months have ranked them in the 11th place in the top Dota 2 teams in the World. Will they have another surprise in store in the upcoming ESL One Mumbai?

Keen Gaming

The Chinese squad, Keen Gaming have won the China regional qualifying matches to secure their place at the ESL One Mumbai 2019. The significant achievement was reaching the WESG 2018 Dota final against TNC, however they finished in second, taking home a cash reward of $200K. Another good performance was at The Bucharest Minor reaching the Semi-finals, losing to Gambit to place third. At the moment of writing, Keen Gaming have impressed dota fans at the DreamLeague Season 11 to reach the Upper Brackets Round 2 but will they go on to the Upper Bracket Finals? Ranking as the top eighth dota 2 team, Keen Gaming will hopefully keep up their good gaming tactics in the ESL One Mumbai 2019.