CSGO Betting Tips and Tournament Preview for cs_summit 2

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Feb 08, 2018

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cs_summit 2 is an upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament that brings together 8 of the world’s best teams and has a prize pool of $150,000. The event is organized by Beyond The Summit and is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles between February 8 and February 11.

cs_summit 2 Tournament structure and prize distribution

cs_summit 2 features 8 teams from 4 different regions:

The tournament will be played in a double elimination bracket format. All matches will be Bo3, with the exception of the Finals (Bo5).

The prize distribution for cs_summit 2 is the following:

  • 1st place: $63,750.
  • 2nd place: $33,750.
  • 3rd place: $19,500.
  • 4th place: $15,000.
  • 5th-6th place: $5,250.
  • 7th-8th place: $3,750.

cs_summit 2 Opening matches

SK Gaming vs. Torqued

CS_Summit 2 SK Gaming vs Torqued

This is going to be a very one-sided match. SK Gaming are a top 3 team right now while Torqued are complete outsiders to the world of big Counter-Strike. To make matters even worse, Torque are playing with an entirely new roster (all of their players joined less than a week ago), while SK Gaming are back to their standard formation, with boltz as the fifth player instead of felps.

The downside of a match like this are the very low returns for a direct bet on an SK Gaming victory. Betspawn puts the odds at 1.03-8.70 in favor of the Brazilians. However, you can bet on several match events that are consistent with an SK victory, have a huge probability of success, and offer much better returns. For instance, you can bet on the result of each map (the odds are 1.085 for each map if you’re betting on SK gaming) and also on the pistol rounds (1.50).

North vs. Vega Squadron

CS_Summit 2 North vs Vega Squadron

This is precisely the type of match you’re looking for as an esports bettor, simply because people’s assessment of these two teams is completely wrong. Subsequently, the team who’s most likely to win also has the higher odds.

In this dispute, Vega Squadron has a significant advantage. The CIS team was one of the dark horses at the recent ELEAGUE Major, and got very close to qualifying for the Playoffs. They defeated Team Liquid (twice), Renegades, Faze Clan and North in that tournament, proving their worth beyond any doubt. Meanwhile, North did not get a single victory during that event and have recently gone through several roster changes, which means they’ll likely face teamplay and synchronization issues until the new members of the team are fully integrated.

Betspawn puts the odds at 1.50-2.40 in North’s favor, so a bet on Vega Squadron is definitely worthwhile here, as their chance of producing an upset is extremely high.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Team Liquid

CS_Summit 2 NIP vs Liquid

In theory, this should be a very close match. However, keep in mind that NiP have recently changed their coach (pita replaced THREAT) and Team Liquid played poorly at the ELEAGUE Major. It’s true that they had to play with their coach (zews) instead of a standard player, but still, they didn’t look good at all. Maybe their recent acquisition (NAF was transferred from Renegades) can propel them to better results, but I would still count on NiP to win this match.

Cloud9 vs. Heroic

CS_Summit 2 C9 vs Heroic

This is another great betting opportunity and that’s because Cloud9 are playing on their home soil again, against a relatively weak team, but the odds are still great, allowing you to make a lot of money with minimal risks. Cloud9 are the ELEAGUE Major champions (practically the world champions of CS:GO) and Betspawn still puts the odds at 1.35-2.95 in their favor. Normally you’d expect the odds to be similar to those that SK Gaming have against Torqued, but fortunately that’s not the case.