Chiefs eSports Club

By: EsportsOnly.Com
May 04, 2017

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Chiefs eSports Club

Chiefs Esports Club is an Australian gaming organisation established in August 2014. Since then The Chiefs company have expanded to support units that professionally compete in Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveLeague of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG and Rocket League.

Since the beginning of The Chiefs Esports Club, the players have managed to achieve great records. They were four times the winners of the LOL Oceanic Pro League and represented the Australian region at the Intel Extreme Masters as well as the International Rocket League Championship.

The Chiefs Esports Club have values that define them as an organisation and as a family. Every player is very competitive, bringing out their gaming passion into the game. Improving their creativity and tactics will help show their strength in-game, to entertain the spectator audience and win fans around the world.

Chiefs Esports Club Rocket League Team

The Rocket League team launched in August 2017, by acquiring the Billy Fan Club. The pro players that have taken their gaming levels to new heights are one other than Jake ‘jake’ Edwards, Matthew ‘Drippay’ Den-Kaat and Daniel ‘Torsos’ Parsons.


So far, The Chiefs unit has been successful ranking in the top 20 esports teams competing in Rocket League. Their participation in the premier tournament, RLCS Season 5 – Finals placed the squad in sixth place winning the highest prize yet of $10K.

Chiefs Esports Club LoL Team

The Chiefs that was initially Exodus Gaming, first created their League of Legends team back in August 2014, acquiring the former LOL Immunity players. Their highest achievement yet was at the OPL 2015 Split 1 Playoffs, winning over Dire Wolves with an unbeatable score of 3-0, claiming their prize of $16K.


The current LOL Chiefs squad consists of pro gamers, Brandon ‘Swip3rR’ Holland, Leo ‘Babip’ Romer, Tommy ‘ry0ma’ Le, Quin ‘Raes’ Korebrits, Mitchell ‘Destiny’ Shaw, Daniel ‘FiveToEight’ Hicks and Jisu ‘Kimmy’ Kim. All together they work to achieve excellent results, showing their energetic performances and keep their gaming levels high.

Chiefs Esports Club CS: GO Team

In February 2015, The Chiefs Esports Club created their CS: GO team signing on the Qlimax Crew roster. The CS squad have strived to dominate in the Oceanic esports scene and so far have won total earnings of $125,613 so far.


The perseverance of pro players, Tyler ‘Tucks’ Reilly, Matthew ‘Texta’ O’Rourke, Samuel ‘Flickz’ Jones, Mike ‘apoc’ Aliferis and Kyran ‘dizzy’ Crombie paid off big time in recent esports events. In fact, their recent gaming success at the Gfinity Elite Series AU-Season 1 led them in second place to win their highest earnings this year of $14K so far.

Chiefs Esports Club PUBG Team


The Chiefs Esports Club have expanded into PUBG in February 2018, signing on the cyber athletes Andrew ‘kritikalmotion’ McLaren, Nikolai ‘eDGe’ Seth, Nicholas ‘Champzzzz’ Champion and Jayden ‘P_for_Potato’ Turner. Since they have started this year, the squad has earned their most significant win at the Major tournament, PlayerUknown’s BattleGrounds Global Invitational 2018 – OCE, winning first to take home a reward of $8K.