Blast Pro Series Miami 2019

The Blast Pro Series Miami is a CSGO tournament that will take place on the 12th till 13th April. Six Counter-Strike teams will get to compete live on stage for their share from a prize pool of $250K. […]

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Blast-Pro-Series Miami

Blast Pro Series Miami 2019

From: 2019-04-12
To: 2019-04-13
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FaZe Clan

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MIBRMade in brazil

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Grand total: $250,000

Blast Pro Series Miami 2019

The Blast Pro Series will be going to Miami for the very first time. The CSGO tournament will be taking place at the Watsco Center on 12th till 13th April. Six Counter-Strike teams will get to compete live on stage for their share from a prize pool of $250K.

2019 opened the Blast Pro Series Schedule with esports fans witnessing the best Counter-Strike action in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The upcoming tournament in April will be in the magical sunny state of Miami, followed by the Blast Pro Series Madrid in May. 

BLAST Pro Series Miami at Watsco Center will transform into a digital battleground. An exceptional event that will kick off with six top CS teams competing at the same time to the state of the art lighting and sound. An extraordinary Counter-Strike tournament will await gaming fans from all over the world to unite in the live event and see who will be the first Blast Pro Series champion in the US.    

Blast Pro Series CSGO Tournament Schedule

All six teams, Astralis, Navi, Team Liquid, Cloud 9, Faze Clan and MIBR, will start in the group stage in a single Round-Robin where matches will be a best-of-1. There will be five round matches that lead the top two teams to the Grand Final, a best of 3 games with the winner taking home the first prize of $125K.

The Blast Pro Series Standoff is a prize bonus show-match with different players battling in five 1v1 aim duels. The third-placed team get to choose their opponents from the remaining three teams that finished in the last three rankings. Perhaps the best or the worst of squads will get to play, and on top of this, players will gain more competitive experience showing the world their true gaming talents. The winning group from the Standoff match will claim a bonus prize of $20K.

Invited CSGO Teams to Blast Pro Series Miami

Cloud 9

The American CS players of Cloud 9 have achieved some good results over the past three months. Golden returns to the active CS roster while Zellsis who was on trial for the first few months left the team. Their recent participation at the IEM Katowice 2019 saw C9 finish in 10th place, securing their seed at the Starladder Berlin Major 2019. However, the most significant accomplishment so far this year has to be the Eleague CSGO Invitational finishing in the finals taking the second prize of $40K. To sum up, having had a few roster changes and looking for a fifth player to step in, will they keep up their skills to play at the Blast Pro Series Miami as they did at the Invitational?

Faze Clan

Faze Clan csgo 19 esportsonly

This European Counter-Strike team of Faze Clan have been through a few changes over the past month. YNk joined Faze in February as their new coach together with AdreN who temporarily stood in until the IEM Katowice, which saw the CS team finish in fifth place. Team Envy has released Karrigan in February 2019 who returned with Faze as an inactive player and will perhaps compete in tournaments like the Blast Pro Series Sao Paulo and StarSeries i-League Season 7. Due to the recent change, statistically, teams do not fare well in the early months after the switch so to conclude Faze Clan may disappoint many of their fans in the Blast Pro Series Miami major.


MIBR-CSGO esportsonly

The CSGO team, Made in Brazil have been favourites for quite some time. The Counter-Strike team have participated at the IEM Katowice and will compete at the WESG 2018 World Finals, Blast Pro Series Sao Paulo as well as Starseries i-League Season 7. Overall, the Brazilian team has achieved their best so far at the ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018, claiming the first prize of $200K. Meanwhile, MIBR came second at ECS Season 6 Finals and also at the Blast Pro Series Istanbul 2018. This team has had the experience of competing against Astralis, Navi and Team Liquid; however, in each occasion, MIBR never managed to defeat these squads. The Brazilian players are currently the best fourth team in the world, and no matter how bad they play, they will always come back on their feet with their star player, Fallen leading their squad.

Team Liquid

Team-Liquid CSGO 19 esportsonly

The American CS Team Liquid have had quite a great Counter-Strike season over the past few months. Overall, Team Liquid kept up and improved their skills to rank in the top four places of several esports tournaments. The greatest achievement for Team Liquid was at the iBuyPower Masters 2019 beating Astralis 2-1 taking home a grand prize of $100K. The second place achievements include events like ESL Pro League Season 8, IEM Chicago, ESL One New York and Eleague CSGO Premier 2018. However, Team Liquid’s recent participation at the IEM Katowice was a disappointment failing to reach the Semifinals to finish sixth place. Despite the poor performance at Katowice, Liquid is the second best CSGO team in the world according to, and they will try to keep it that way. Will Liquid have another opportunity to outplay the world’s top CSGO team, Astralis at Blast Pro Series Miami?