Astralis are the CSGO Champions of Eleague Premier 2018

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jul 30, 2018

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With the end of Eleague CSGO Premier 2018, the Counter-Strike season comes to an end. The competition had its fair share of entertainment and intensity that showed Astralis was the best of all CSGO teams, defeating Team Liquid to claim a massive prize of $500K.

The Danish Stars outplayed Mousesports in the first map, Nuke with a result of 16-11 and the second map, Mirage with a score of 16-10 that paved the way toward the Grand Final.

In the closing match, Astralis faced Team Liquid in the first CS game on the map, Inferno. Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif started all the action in the pistol round with a quad kill which led his team in the lead early in the game. Moments later, Team Liquid could not recover from the loss, and the situation got out of hand, which resulted in a score of 16-5.  

The second round, Liquid put in more effort to hopefully win the Nuke map. In fact, the Astralis players had lost some control, and Liquid took the early advantage. The Danish team is historically known to play well on Nuke and soon picked up the pace, recovering what they lost. Throughout the matches, Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz showed strong performance in the tournament, saving his team to win the game with an incredible score of 16-12.  

It was a big surprise for all their CSGO fans and esports enthusiasts watching Liquid go through to the finals after the frustrating results at ESL One Cologne. Team Liquid felt confident that they could win after they eliminated Natus Vincere in the Semifinals. In the Grand Final of the Eleague Premier 2018, the North American CS squad did not make it all that easy for Astralis to win. At one point, both units were tied winning 11 rounds each.

The Eleague CSGO Premier 2018 is the fourth premier tournament that Astralis have won this year, and this proves how strong and dominating they are as a team in CS: GO. The next few matches that Astralis will participate in will be the Dreamhack Masters in Stockholm and the FaceIT London Major. In the meantime, Astralis triumph their win of the Eleague CSGO Premier and rank as the best CSGO team in the world.

Astralis Device wins the MVP of the Eleague CSGO Premier 2018.

Throughout the matches, Astralis player, ‘dev1ce‘ has proved to be entirely instrumental in the strategical wins in the CS matches. Due to this, and Betway voted Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz to claim the award of the most valuable player of the Eleague Premier. In device’s professional career as a gamer, the MVP award of Eleague Premier 2018 is his seventh award.

Device is voted the MVP of Eleague Premier

Dev1ce awarded the MVP of Eleague Premier 2018. Image Source: HLTV

Many esports fans thought that Astralis would not make it through the Group Stages. However, beating the likes of Cloud 9 and Mousesports just showed the gaming community how good they are in CSGO. The efforts of their star player ‘device’ led him to top the Counter-Strike leaderboards with a rating of 1.57 in the final after beating TL in two hours.

Other Counter-Strike players that are worth mentioning are Keith ‘Naf’ Markovic with a 1.24 rating, Russell ‘Twistzz’ Van Dulken 1.23 rating and Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander with a rating of 1.19.