Who’s really the best CSGO team in the world?

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jun 25, 2017

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Well G2 is considered the best team in the ESL and now after a day of the ECS Season 3 Finals SK Gaming is considered the best CSGO team in the world.  Are they correct or is there another team who should hold the crown? Let’s break down some of the best teams in the world.

Who is really the best? 

Some of the best teams in the world seem to disappoint when it comes to the ESL Pro League, but G2 Esports claimed glory and is considered the top team.  

Now as is discussed all over the CSGO battlefield, there is a distinct difference between a strong online team and a strong LAN team.  G2 esports happened to be a strong online team that when faced with some fairly easy competition, they came out on top.  SK Gaming was undoubtedly the toughest team to match up against G2 and after day 1 of the ECS Season 3 Finals we see a shift in the rankings.  

SK Gaming has now proven that not only can they beat G2 but they can also stomp another top team (FaZe Clan).  SK Gaming had an amazing ESL Pro League season and even though they didn’t come out on top, they have had an excellent year tournament wise.


SK Gaming CSTeam

SK Gaming CS Team

SK Gaming has over $400,000 USD in prize winnings this year alone and they more than made up for their loss to G2 in the ESL Pro League Season 5 finals.  SK Gaming deserves the first place spot in the world rankings and G2 deserve a mention but I feel that there are two teams who are worth a mention before the ESL Champs.

FaZe Clan and Astralis

Faze Clan WM

FaZe Clan – ESL Katowice 2017

These two teams are without a doubt two of the best teams in the world.  It’s almost laughable that neither made it to the ESL Pro League Finals but that’s the difference between Online and LAN.  LAN is really where champions are chosen and both teams have proven that they are the top of the top when it comes to LAN play.

Astralis portrait WM

Astralis – ESL Katowice 2017

Between the two teams they have place in the top three of Majors and Premiers 13 times this year alone!  Not only do both of these teams have better track records and prize winnings than SK Gaming, they both seem to have it out for each other!  Now FaZe has come to face SK twice and lost but Astralis just seems to be a tournament powerhouse.  Again FaZe is face to face with Astralis in most of the finals and it has been a steady back and forth.

I predict a FaZe and Astralis Finals at the ECS Season 3 Finals.  That is if the matchups are right because SK Gaming can easily fall into finals contention.