Vladislav ‘aMiracle’ Scherbyna

By: EsportsOnly.Com
May 17, 2017

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Vladislav ‘aMiracle’ Scherbyna

Vladislav ‘aMiracle’ Scherbyna is a 23 year old cyber athlete hailing from Nikopol, Ukraine. He forms part of the Natus Vincere League of Legends roster practising and training in the role of the AD Carry with his favourite champions Lucian, Kalista and Miss Fortune.

Where it all began:

LOL wallpaper2

In July 2010, Vladislav began playing League of Legends after Riot created the game on the Russian Server. He dedicated his time to be a better player reaching the top ranks which led him to be picked up by Just.MSI, pursuing his career of a pro gamer.

The Team:

Natus Vincere is a Ukrainian gaming organisation that was established in December 2009 by Murat ‘Arbalet’ Zhumashevich who helped sponsor them. They started out with a Counter-Strike team building on the fundamental motto that Navi players are ‘Born to win’ world esports tournaments. From one CS:GO team, the company has grown to support units that compete in FIFA, Dota, World of Tanks and League of Legends.


Natus Vincere LOL squad was created in December 2015 managed by Yaroslav ‘N1ghtEnd’ Klochko. The current roster consists of ZvenE, Gumbeq, niQ, aMiracle, Skash and JustNo0b.

Competition Participation:

LCL Spring event2

Scherbyna has participated in the 2016 LCL Spring and Summer seasons as well as the LCL Open Cup, finishing in the top ranks in the esports events. When Vladislav joined Navi in January 2017, he took part in the LCL Spring Season and has qualified in the 2017 LCL Summer Promotion to eventually compete for the LCL Summer Spilt.


The highest earnings achieved by aMiracle was with the unit, Albus NoX Luna, placing 8th place in 2016 World Championship. The LOL squad reached the Quarterfinals, losing to H2K-Gaming with the record of 3:0. Amiracle and his team ranked in 8th place to proudly claim their prize of $268K.