Vinícios ‘PKL’ Coelho

By: EsportsOnly.Com
May 25, 2017

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Vinícios ‘PKL’ Coelho

Vinícios ‘PKL’ Coelho is a 22-year-old Brazilian pro gamer who takes on the role of in-game leader for Luminosity Gaming CS:GO team. He calls out the shots while providing support to his team mates, leading his unit to win esports matches.

Coelho’s alias PKL came up while at school, Vinicios’ friends nicknamed him piskuila meaning pirschel in English. He is a person who likes to help others giving him a sense of fulfilment in his life. In fact, having good relationships with his squad gives him more pleasure in solving problems, taking on the role of support by throwing grenades so as to invade the bombsite.

Where it all began:


CSGO video-game

Vinícios always liked playing video games and started practising in 2008 playing Counter-Strike 1.6 just for the fun. As the potential of CS was growing in the esports scene at the time, Coelho started playing professionally in 2011 with the unit, KaOz. From 2015, PKL switched to CS:GO and joined units like rampageKillers, Hardknocks, Jayob esports, that led him to his current team LG.

The Team:

Luminosity Gaming is a North American esports company that was founded by Steve ‘Buyaka’ Maida with its headquarters based in Canada. The organisation supports squads that compete in different video games such as Smite, LOL, Hearthstone, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Luminosity CSGO2

Luminosity Gaming CS:GO was created in February 2015 and has since then competed against some of the world’s best Counter-Strike teams. The current CS:GO roster consists of professional Brazilian players, PKL as captain, destinyy, yeL, shz and SHOOWTiME.

Competition Participation:

PKL and the rest of the team LG have participated in several esports tournaments such as the qualifiers of DreamHack Summer, Americas Minor Championship, StarLadder i-League, IEM World Championship.


The most recent esports tournaments were the Subaru Invitational,  EsportsArena Santa Ana Showdown Championship and the iBuyPower invitational events. While competing against top teams like CLG, SK Gaming, Immortals, Misfits, Cloud 9 and many units have helped Luminosity step up their game.


The greatest accomplishment for Vinícios and Luminosity was competing at ESL North America Pro League Season 5. LG ranked in seventh place to take home $27K cash reward.