Vega Squadron

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Aug 23, 2016

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Vega Squadron

Vega Squadron is a European esports company that was established in July 2012 with its headquarters in Moscow, Russia. The organisation supports teams specialising in video games like Dota 2, Hearthstone, CS:GO, World of Tanks, Heroes of the Storm and most notable for their Starcraft II unit.

Vega Squadron have gathered gifted gamers to play their best in League of Legends tournaments. The LOL roster so far has taken part in the LCL Spring playoffs where they won against Natus Vincere, winning a reward of $12K. Their latest big event was at the IEM XI Gyeonggi playing against JTeam.

The Team

Aleksander NoNholy Ovchinikov


Aleksander ‘NoNholy’ Ovchinikov is a Russian gifted esports player that forms part of the Vega Squadron LOL roster. He plays the top laner for his team with his best portrayals of LOL Characters, Trundle, Irelia and Gangplank.

Nikolai Zanzarah Akatov


Nikolai ‘Zanzarah’ Akatov is a Russian 20-year-old dedicated pro who currently plays for Vega Squadron. Zanzarah started competing competitively in November 2014 with Team Just. Playing the Jungler role for his squad, his best performances of the LOL characters, Nidalee, Olaf, Poppy and Hecarim.

Evgeny Drobovik123 Belousov


Evgeny ‘Drobovik123’ Belousov is a Russian 21-year-old talented cyber athlete, competing for Vega Squadron. Drobovik123 began his gaming career with Carpe Diem in February 2014. Belousov takes on the role of mid laner playing League of Legends heroes like Lux, Ryze and Corki.

Alexei Lex Litsak


Alexei ‘Lex’ Litsak is a professional gamer that hails from Chișinău, Moldova. Lex plays the AD Carry for Vega Squadron, portraying his skills through the best LOL characters Silvir, Kalista and Tristana. Lex began his gaming career in July 2014 with Team Empire competing in League of Legends.

Edward Edward Abgaryan


Edward ‘Edward’ Abgaryan is an Armenian LOL support for Vega Squadron, who lives in Omsk, Russia. He has played with other Russian teams like Team Empire, Hard Ransom and Gambit CIS before Edward joined Vega Squadron. His position within the unit is that of a support, playing his favourite LOL characters Sona, Nunu and Thresh.