Twitch TV, the Best Live Streaming Channel for Esports

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Apr 04, 2018

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What is Twitch? An online video platform where millions of people share the same interests, watching video games being played by gamers. Twitch TV was launched in June 2011 with a focus on broadcasting esports tournaments online. Over the years, the streaming website has expanded to include new creative content like music, talk shows and TV Series.

Twitch has a mission to create a community of streamers and viewers who grow together interacting through chat, sharing their gaming passion while also rewarding gamers to keep doing what they do best, play video games. The unique concept of this channel is that players get motivated to have a relationship with their audience and fans on an emotional level whether its success, loss or perhaps a struggle to improve gameplay.    

twitch streaming OW

A huge number of gamers who stream their esports training sessions live on Twitch actually make a living. This is done through paid subscriptions, regular donations, adverts, sponsorships and affiliate sales. The financial success requires a lot of dedicated time by the players and Twitch Partners who stream daily between five to seven days a week to engage their audience and fans. 

Twitch grew in popularity for the live streaming feature offered online and due to this, it was easier for esports teams and tournament organizers to negotiate with sponsors. Twitch and electronic gaming have become connected in such a way that has made watching video games the norm for the past ten years and will continue to be in the future. 

Twitch Amazon

Twitch TV was acquired by Amazon in 2014 for $970 million. Records have been reached last year with over 355 billion minutes of video uploaded. Statistics show that the streaming platform has generated 15 million unique visitors daily and over 2 million users broadcast on Twitch monthly.

Due to the use of ad-blocking features, many streamers relied on donations as a source of income which was common practice in 2012. According to the CEO of Streamlabs, Mike Le has revealed how important donations were to the gamers who streamed. He pointed out that the income rose from a remarkable $43.6 million in 2015 to a jaw-dropping $80.2 million in 2016.   

Twitch streamer, Ninja and Drake broke the Internet with a record

Lately the most popular American Twitch streamer, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins together with the musician, Drake played Fortnite: Battle Royale. They broke an all-time record of 628 thousand people tuning in to Twitch to see them play. Drake admitted during the stream that he has been practising Fortnite and is a huge fan of the game. In fact, the musician plays the video game in between rehearsals and has also watched and learned from Ninja’s gameplay for a few weeks now. 

The Twitch record attracted so many people that it could be considered an amazing win for the video game Fortnite, the streaming channel Twitch, and the players, Ninja and Drake.

Twitch TV Will Still be the Best Streaming Channel for Esports Despite Some Changes 

Last Friday, Twitch TV laid off around 25 high profile employees like the Vice President Community and Social, Justin Wong and Director of Content Marketing Ben ‘Fishstix’ Goldhaber. In defence of such a situation, the Twitch spokesman said: “While we’ve conducted team adjustments in some departments, our focus is on prioritizing areas most important for the community.” 

Twitch streaming

The future of the live streaming platform will focus more on the gamers who stream than on esports. The fact is that players who share and upload live video feeds make money and this benefits Twitch much more than electronic gaming.


It would be wrong to assume that Twitch has an escape route out of the esports business. It will still be the best online streaming channel that will be willing to pay for broadcasting rights of prestigious gaming matches.   

G2 Esports have made an exclusive deal with Twitch

At the end of March, G2 has announced that they have made a multi-year exclusive partnership with Twitch TV. The agreement is set for the next few years to come, G2 Esports will broadcast their gameplays on Twitch as well as leisure activities that will highlight their personalities and daily life, aside from competitive gaming.


G2 Esports are not the only ones to have an exclusive deal but have followed the example of other professional teams too like Team Liquid, OpTic Gaming, North and Schalke 04.

In support of their decision, the CEO of G2 Esports, Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez said: “Throughout the years, Twitch has become the epitome of entertainment, reflecting a passion for video games and providing a window into how esports pros play with great community overall. Many probably still remember my streaming days and now that I’m back at it on a regular basis, I can’t imagine doing it for any other service but Twitch.”

G2 announce partnership on Twitch  

Starting a new leaf, the G2’s partnership with Twitch TV coincides with the recent move from their gaming headquarters in Spain to Berlin, Germany. In the process, they let go of their Spanish units that compete in League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In the meantime, the organisation is looking into a new venture in Clash Royale.

Twitch may be going through a few ‘team adjustments in several departments’ however it will still be the perfect streaming channel for pro gamers and their esports teams. Add to this the many gaming enthusiasts out there like Ninja and the musician, Drake dedicated their time to break the Internet with their gaming skills.