Top Four Teams Advance to the LOL Worlds 2018 Group Stages

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 08, 2018

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The LOl Worlds event this week will bring on more gaming pressure in Busan. The top four teams that went through the Play-ins will continue to fight in the Group Stage among the world’s best squads to carry on their journey at Worlds Championship 2018.

Here are the top four League of Legends teams that have advanced from the Play-ins.

G Rex go through to Group Stage. Image source Riot Games

G-Rex was the top leading unit in Group D Play-Ins, winning over Gambit Gaming and Kaos Latin Gamers. The moment of truth came when G-Rex played against SuperMassive Esports in Round 2. The underdogs will be making a surprising performance, achieving more than their expectations. G-Rex has proved to be quite a strong team earning them the respect as a favourite going into the Worlds Championship 2018.


G2 Esports go through the Playins. Image Source Riot games

G2 Esports will be representing Europe to participate in the LOL Worlds Championship 2018. The squad proved to be the best in the Group B Play-in, outperforming Ascension Gaming as well as SuperMassive Esports. In the Play-in Round 2, G2 have shown what it takes thanks to an incredible showing from jungler, Marcin jankos’ Jankowski and Martin “Wunder” Hansen to defeat Infinity with an unbeatable score 3-1. The next few matches G2 will need to bring their A game, competing against Afreeca Freecs, Flash Wolves and Phong Vu Buffalo.

EDward Gaming beat Rogue Warriors with a remarkable score of 3-1 in the Regional qualifiers, taking the third seed to join RNG and Invictus Gaming to represent China at Worlds. Their run through Play-in Round 1 saw them outplay Costa Rica’s Infinity Esports and Oceanic team, Dire Wolves. Taking the lead in Group A, the Chinese squad showed their remarkable winning streak outplaying DetonatioN FocusMe with an unbeatable score 3-0. Over the years, EDG has kept up a reputation for their winning streak, and they have participated at Worlds every year since 2014. Following some of the incredible plays, will your best LOL bets play out on Edward Gaming vs MAD Team?

C9 go through to Grp Stage. Image Source Riot Gaming

Cloud 9, the North American League of Legends team have made their way to the top in Group C of the Play-ins. Their gaming skills have seen them beat the likes of Kabum! Esports and DetonatioN FocusMe, going through to Round 2. The American LOL squad, C9 brought in Dennis ‘Svenskeren’ Johnsen, playing their best performances, the team proved stronger than Gambit Gaming to win with a record of 3-2. Having gone through to the Group Stages, C9 will have to play their top game against Royal Never Give Up, the League of Legends Worlds favourite team. 

Now that you know the top four esports teams that advance to the Group Stages, you have yet to see how they will perform at Worlds. Will it be a dominion of Asian teams competing at Worlds 2018?

CS Summit 3 is Postponed at a Later Date

The much-awaited CS: GO tournament, CS Summit 3 was due to be held between the 11th till 14th October. However, Beyond the Summit organisers left a comment on Reddit, saying that the event will not happen.

The CS Summit is widely known for its laid-back atmosphere and offers the support for you to learn from the professional players in the game with live commentaries. The intention was that the CS tournament would be the first Counter-Strike event held after the Blast Pro Series Major.


There was no official statements from Beyond the Summit except for a Reddit thread when a user asked if the CS Summit 3 will take place this year. This late comment shows how fast news of a delayed event spreads quickly across the world and add to this, the relaxed way of how the Summit organisers prepare for the tournament.

CS Summit is one of the many small esports matches that feature CSGO esports. There have been historic memorable moments and unforgettable memes about top teams and players that made headlines.


The first Summit saw SK Gaming beat Gambit Esports 3-1, taking the Counter-Strike title as the world’s best team and claiming the highest prize of $63K. The CS Summit 2 was won by Team Liquid that defeated Cloud 9, taking the second winning title. The teams that won this tournament have ranked in the top three spots in the world.

The new dates and details for the CS Summit 3 still have to be announced by Beyond the Summit. You can expect an even greater show with nerve-racking Counter-Strike action, so stay tuned.