Singularity Gaming

By: EsportsOnly.Com
May 22, 2017

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Singularity Gaming

Singularity Gaming is a Danish professional team that was established in April 2016. The company originally started with a professional CS: GO squad and has proved their worth against some of the best esports teams. Their success over the past year has given them the ability to grow their association with teams specialising in video games like Overwatch, Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Team Singularity teams have one goal, aiming high so as to rank in the top 30 teams in the world in all esports games. Their latest achievement so far was winning the Copenhagen Games 2017 taking home the top prize of $ 31,838, ranking the CS:GO team in the 27th place, according to As for the Dota team, the most recent tournament was the ZOTAC Cup Masters scooping up a prize of $3K. Singularity Ninjas Overwatch have also won their first Major competition, CG 2017, scooping their highest earnings of $4,500 as an OW team.

Singularity CS:GO team has been around since April 2016 which has shown the esports world their true potential to make it big. The current roster includes Inzta, Ryxxo, Lukki, Console and temporary player refrezh. After competing in the most recent ESEA matches, the SNGArmy aim to keep up their rankings in the next world tournament, DreamHack Summer 2017.

The CSGO Team

Peter ‘Inzta’ Kragelund is a 24 year old professional cyber athlete who forms part of Team Singularity. He has the flexibility to play both Awp and rifler for his squad. He started professional gaming in 2014 with the squad ALL IN! and since then has played for Reason Gaming and tRICKED Esports developing his skills and game plays that led him to join his current unit last September 2016. His sensational gameplay of a triple kill against Dreamchasers was the most memorable of his career at the CG 2017.


Thomas ‘Ryxxo’ Nielsen is a Danish esports player who joined the Singularity CS:GO roster in January 2017. He takes on the responsibility creating havoc for the opponents with his position as the awp. He made a name for himself when he started playing Counter-Strike for the unit, Taktikstativ in 2015, developing his skills so as to make a name for himself in the European CS scene. He is known for his double opening frag in the Nuke map at the latest competition in the Copenhagen Games.


Lucas ‘Lukki’ Pilheden is one of the youngest talented gamers in the Singularity CS:GO roster. He started gaming when he was sixteen with the Eastern Vikings, training and practising to be a top esports player. Lukki steps up his game to help carry his team to victory most especially in difficult situations.


Mads ‘Console’ Skovby is a talented Danish pro player practising in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He began his esports gaming career when he was playing for Eastern Vikings in 2016, making a name for himself showing his impressive abilities with many esports fans. Through his career he has had the experience to play against top teams like North, EnVyUs Academy, Penta Sports and many other top CS units.


Ismail ‘refrezh’ Ali is a 19-years-old Dane, training in CS:GO, temporarily trying out for Singularity. He began his professional gaming career with the squad, midlertidig in September 2016. He hopes to impress gaming spectators and help the company move forward the achieve their goals to win CS matches.