Chu ‘Shadow’ Zeyu

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Dec 07, 2016

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Chu ‘Shadow’ Zeyu

Chu ‘Shadow’ Zeyu is a 19-year-old, Dota 2 top player currently competing for Wings Gaming. Shadow is the most curious player of the group, playing the carry role aggressively and with versatile champions like Ember Spirit and Juggernaut.

Wings shadow

Where it all began:

Shadow started his Dota 2 gaming career with Immortal Magneto Gaming in 2014 and moved on with another squad Kefira United, acquiring the gaming experience to be the best gamer. In August 2015, Wings Gaming revealed their Dota 2 roster  made up of bLink, Faith_bian, iceice, shadow and Y’ innocence.

Wings Shadow enjoys implementing new ways of how to play his position as carry. Chu spends most of his free time experimenting with new Dota 2 characters and analysing how he can play them in competitions.

The Team:

Wings gaming team esportsonly

Wings Gaming is a competent esports company that is operated by Chongqing Youth Tech Ltd. The association created their new Dota lineup in August 2015. The Wings Gaming team is world known for their unpredictable and aggressive strategies in every game; in fact in every match, the unit plays different Dota 2 characters.

Competition Participation:

Shadow’s very first competition with Wings Gaming was at the Major tournament, Sina Cup Supernova Dota 2 Open Season 5 against Tongfu. In 2016, Wings got more publicity winning over Team Liquid, NP, Newbee, OG and Vici Gaming.

Sina Cup Supernova Dota 2

Along their rise to fame, Wings Gaming have participated in matches like Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Season 2, The Summit 6, ESL One Manila, The Manila Major 2016 and many other esports tournaments.


The most rewarding for Wings Shadow was competing at The International 2016, winning against Digital Chaos in the Finals for a prize of a whopping $ 9 million.

Wings Gaming champions TI6

Chu’s set his best record of 7.56 KDA with 86 kills, 25 deaths and 106 assists, in fact for his memorable performance of 784 GPM, Shadow was chosen as the MVP of TI6.