A Chinese professional team, Wings Gaming was formed in 2014, that supports two squads in Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, taking their gaming levels to new heights. The prize pools they’ve won vary from $4,000 to $100,000 to their latest record-breaking prize pool of $9.1 million.

Dota 2 Lineup

Wings gaming team

Wings Gaming Dota roster consists of five pro players who are widely known for their unpredictability, as they choose different heroes in every game they play.                                        

Since the team’s formation in 2014, a few esports players have left and new ones have joined in the active squad. These changes did not stop them from the success they have experienced so far. Their latest competition was The International 2016 where they won first prize of a spectacular $9.1 million. They have also participated in matches like The Summit 5, WCA2016 CN Qualifiers, ESL One Manila 2016 and Dota 2 Secondary Pro League.


The former squad was made up of professional gamers, Shadow, Blink, Faith_bian, Y’ and Iceice who were signed on with Team Random but soon after also disbanded. 


Y’ was the Wings Gaming captain who drafted very particular heroes for his teammates. Most of the time, Y’ played heroes like Rubick and Dazzle that have a streak of intelligence and the swift quick thinking of other heroes like the Bounty Hunter. He has currently moved on to compete for EHOME. 


Shadow played carry role in the WG team. He keeps an eye out for different strategies within the part he plays and experiments with new heroes that have great offensive power. The heroes he plays all have the agility attributes like heroes such as Morphling, Ember Spirit and Weaver, which is important for them in leading their heroic team to victory. Shadow continues his esports career competing for Team Eclipse. 


bLink was the solo mid player for Wings Gaming. In most matches, he is known to play the intelligent hero, Invoker and the Alchemist who sprays acid and exploding concoctions and Shadow Fiend who steals the enemy souls. He continues his gaming experience competing for NGA Gaming. 


Faith_bian was the offlaner playing signature heroes, Batrider who takes to the skies, the Beastmaster and Clockwerk for strength. The offlaner has the ability to go solo in the hard lane toward the tier 1 tower located close to the Ancient with the ability to escape death. He is currently playing for EHOME. 


Iceice played the support position to help his allies stay alive with the opportunity to bring in more gold. The type of Dota 2 heroes Ice plays includes Ancient Apparition, the Witchdoctor and the Vengeful Spirit. He is presently competing for NGA Gaming in esports tournaments.