Sebastian ‘niQ’ Robak

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Apr 20, 2017

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Sebastian ‘niQ’ Robak

Sebastian ‘niQ’ Robak is a pro gamer, hailing from Walbrzych, Poland. He is quite the experienced player having been in the esports scene since 2012 handling the previous position of a mid-laner. He has had quite a strong LOL background with several top teams like Mousesports, H2K Gaming and Gambit Gaming.

Nowadays, niQ takes on the responsible role of top laner for Natus Vincere LOL team. His favourite heroes include Fizz, Zed, Ahri, Twisted Fate, Nidalee, Syndra and Yasuo.

Where it all began:

Dota video game

Sebastian’s professional career all started in May 2012 with Defense of the Ancients; in fact he represented his home country, Poland at the ESWC 2011 held in Paris with his team Time-Out. After the event, Robak switched to train and practise in League of Legends. His first Major event was ECC Poland which was held back in July 2012.

The Team:

Natus Vincere is a gaming organisation who strives to be the best top team. The company was founded in December 2009 starting with a Counter-Strike team. Through their successes, the company grew to support more teams like Dota 2, FIFA, World of Tanks and League of Legends.


NaVi LOL roster was created in December 2015 signing on the Dolphins roster to participate in the EU Challenger Series. The current LOL lineup consists of ZvenE, Gumbeq, niQ, aMiracle and JustNo0b.

Competition Participation:

The most recent esports tournament Robak and Natus Vincere competed was at the 2017 LCL Summer Promotion Qualifiers, where Navi beat Dolphins with the record of 3:1.


In 2016, Sebastian competed for Illuminar Honor Gaming, participating in the 2016 EUCS Spring Open Qualifiers. The LOL squad beat Wonder Stag Esports with the score 2:0.


His greatest achievement was playing for Gambit Gaming at the IEM IX Cologne 2014. The unit beat CLG 3:1, taking home the first prize of an amazing $12,500.