Sebastian ‘Chipshajen’ Widlund

By: EsportsOnly.Com
May 31, 2017

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Sebastian ‘Chipshajen’ Widlund

Sebastian ‘Chipshajen’ Widlund is a 25-year-old Swedish gamer forming part of team EnVyUs Overwatch roster. He is a smart gamer playing support position for his unit, who just happens to be at the right place at the right time making insane gameplays with Ana, Zenyatta and Mercy.

CS with sharks

Widlund is an easy person to get along with, cracking jokes every now and then. Sebastian used to play Counter-Strike Source hunting for sharks, which in Swedish is hajen and his favourite snack for potato chips and together formed the nickname, Chipshajen.

Where it all began:

Ever since Sebastian was young he loved playing games with the aim of winning. He spent a couple of years playing soccer, which helped him think about game strategy, skill and team work. In his younger days, Sebastian would dream of becoming a professional gamer and so he would play PC games a lot just to be better than his friends and family.

bloodline champions

The first video game Chipshajen played was Bloodline Champions with no intention of going pro. He liked gaming so much that he played a lot of BLC competing in DreamHack Summer and Winter events in 2011. Sebastian also tried playing Dota playing at high level that led him to compete in JoinDota League Season 2.

The Team:

EnVyUs is an American gaming association that was established in November 2007, located in the United States. The company started out with a Call of Duty team and has expanded to support team that compete in CS:GO, Gears of War, Halo, League of Legends, Starcraft II and Overwatch.

NV OW team

EnVyUs Overwatch signed on the IDDQD roster for their performance beating some of the big esports teams. The current NV OW roster includes Taimou, HarryHook, cocco, chipshajen, Mickie and EFFECT.

Competition Participation:

Widlund and NV have participated in their latest esports tournament the Overwatch Rumble – April, where they lost to Rogue finishing in second place. A few other competitions NV have attended include BTS Overwatch Cup, iBuyPower Invitational 2016 – Summer among many events.

BTS Overwatch Cup

EnvyUs have had the experience of beating some of the world’s leading esports teams such as Faze Clan, Cloud 9, Solomid and Liquid, that have helped step up their game plays in order to win tournaments.


The greatest achievements for Chipshajen and his current team, EnVyUs was at the Overwatch Apex Season 1. The squad defeated AF.Blue with the amazing score of 4:0 in the premier match, scooping their first prize of $87K.