Roman Kushnarev

Roman ‘Ramzes666’ Kushnarev

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Dec 01, 2017

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Roman ‘Ramzes666’ Kushnarev

Roman ‘Ramzes666’ Kushnarev is a Russian pro gamer dedicated to train and compete in Dota 2 for Virtus.Pro. He is worldly famous for his wide hero pool using an aggressive but controlled gameplay. He plays his best carry role with the signature heroes, Sven, Spectre and Ember Spirit.

Ramzes666 Infiniti car

Some interesting facts about Ramzes666 is that he plays his best with his favourite hero, Meepo, playing for the dark side, Dire while his preferred commentator, V1at narrates what is going on in the Dota 2 tournament. Together with his favourite teammate, No(o)ne, Ramzes666 would drive an Infiniti car to his beloved city, Novokuznetsk. For lunch, he would opt for a slice of meat with mashed potatoes and a Sprite while watching a football game.

Where it all began:

Roman first encountered Dota 2 when he was 10-years-old, picking his very first dota hero, the Wrath King, practicing the video game at an Internet Café. The earliest tournament he participated was the 3v3 mix LAN where he won a prize of a thousand Rubles at the time.

Defense of the Ancients

He began his pro career in 2014 with Courage Gaming as a Substitute. He moved on to play for ScaryFaceZ, CIS Rejects, Team Spirit and Team Empire where he improved his skills and Dota 2 Strategies. At present he is competing with VP, Ramzes666 has become the fourth esports player to hit 10K MMR.

The Team:

Virtus.Pro is an esports gaming company that was launched in 2003 based in Russia, starting out with a Counter-Strike team. In 2011, VP went through a reboot expanding into Dota 2, Hearthstone and Quake and have since won several championships.

VP dota roster 2019

VP created their Dota 2 lineup in 2012, have since raked up total prize winnings of a jaw-dropping $4.3 million. Over the years, the squad saw player join and leave and have the best esports gamers to form the present lineup that consists of Solo as in-game leader, Ramzes666, No(o)ne, 9pasha and Lil. A squad that will continue to bring triumph to Virtus.Pro in esports tournaments.

Competition Participation:

The latest esports tournaments that Virtus.Pro Ramzes666 participated include the qualifying matches of WESG 2017 Europe Finals, DreamLeague Season 8 Europe and CIS, Dota Summit 8: CIS and many others. As for major and premier events VP have taken part in Adrenaline Cyber League, AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT League, The Manila Invitational, Dota Summit 7 and Epicenter 2017 among many competitions.

Dota2 Epicenter 2017 esports tournament


The highest earnings won by Ramzes666 and his team Virtus.Pro was at The International 2017. The Dota 2 squad lost to TI Champions, Team Liquid with the score 1-2 to finish in fifth place, proudly claiming their reward of a jaw-dropping $1.1 million.

The second great achievement for Virtus.Pro and Roman was the ESL One Hamburg 2017. Along their way to the finals, the pro team battled against Keen Gaming, SG e-sports, Team Liquid and Newbee. The Dota unit won over Team Secret with the unbeatable record of 2-0, taking the championship title to win a prize of a whopping $500K.