Park ‘Untara’ Ui-jin

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Feb 16, 2018

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Park ‘Untara’ Ui-jin

Park ‘Untara’ Ui-jin is a South Korean esports player who was also known as Yizhen. He trains and competes in League of Legends, taking on the top lane position for SK Telecom T1, while also having the ability to take on the supportive role whenever the need arises. He plays his best LOL gameplays with his favorite characters, Fiora, Gnar as well as Lulu.

One of Untara’s strong points is his drive to be a better player, self-improving his gaming skills and explains his decision to join SK Telecom T1. “I was grinding Ranked Games to join a pro team for Summer Split, and I didn’t hesitate to join SKT because they approached me before anyone else. As for competing for a starter position, I didn’t really think of it as a competition, but I just thought that I’d get my chance if I do my best. I’m learning a lot from watching Huni play up close, so it’s very helpful for me.”

Where it all began:

He began his professional career playing League of Legends in April 2014 with the esports team, Rebels Anarchy, competing at one the first esports tournaments, iTENJOY NLB Summer 2014. From then on he improved on his LOL gameplays, practicing the supportive role, moving on to other esports teams like Energy Pacemaker. Carries, Star Horn Royal Club and CJ Entus.

LOLegends wallpaper

Slowly climbing the esports leaderboards, he joined the world-renowned team, SK Telecom T1 and with them, he hopes to take his gaming career to the next level.

The Team:

SK Sports is a telecommunications company that was established in 2002 based in South Korea. The association supports several teams that compete in Basketball, Baseball, Football, Handball and they also have a League of Legends esports squad.

SK Sports created a unit known as SK Telecom T1 competing in League of Legends. Since the squad’s foundation, SKT has won three times the Worlds Championship, IEM, and MSI tournaments. Stepping up their game to reconquer titles in 2018, the LOL lineup consists of professional top players, Bang, Blank, Blossom, Faker, Thal, and Untara.

Competition Participation:

The League of Legends team, SK Telecom T1 have participated in the LCK Spring and Summer Playoffs 2016. As for events 2017, SKT has taken part in the LCK Summer playoffs as well as LOL Kespa Cup 2017.

LOL Kespa Cup

Learning from their mistakes and improving on their LOL strategies, the esports team has had the pleasure of competing against top units like Longzhu, Samsung Galaxy, G2 Esports, KT Rolster and Counter Logic Gaming.


The greatest win for Untara and his team SK Telecom T1 was at the LCK Summer Playoffs 2017. Throughout the League of Legends tournament, SKT dominated the event beating Afreeca Freecs, Samsung Galaxy and KT Rolster. However, in the finals, SK Telecom T1 was defeated by Longzhu Gaming, where they finished in second place, claiming their prize of $52K.

The second greatest win in Untara’s gaming career so far was at the LOL Kespa Cup 2017. While competing for SK Telecom T1, they finished in the semifinals losing against Longzhu to finish in fourth place winning a prize of $92K.