Nicholas ‘Hakuho’ Surgent

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jun 21, 2017

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Nicholas ‘Hakuho’ Surgent

Nicholas ‘Hakuho’ Surgent is a talented American cyber athlete competing for Team EnVyUs, providing the support for his team mates. In his LOL training session he would choose mid laner champions and play the support role with them giving him the flexibility of a wide hero pool.

Cat lover Hakuho

One of his curricular activities in highschool was wrestling and in fact his favourite wrestler was Hakuho Sho Thus, from which he got his gaming alias. Gaming aside, Nicholas is a cat lover, enjoying his free time watching anime and is also a fan of Touhou.

Where it all began:

Nicholas became interested in video games while playing DotA with his friends. Life’s commitments led his friends quit gaming but Surgent kept on pursuing his passion. When he was 14, Hakuho decided to switch to League of Legends playing Gangplanks at first because it was the simplest hero to play at the time.

DotA wallpaper

His family did not approve of his choice of career and could not understand how playing games can be a job. On the other hand, Surgent got support from his friends who understood what esports was all about and they watch him compete on the big stage.

He started playing professionally with Zenith Esports back in 2014, playing the role of mid lane. His gaming experience has given him the knowledge of different strategies with squads like Frostbite, Dream Team and Renegades. Before joining NV, Hakuho used to follow their Counter-Strike unit watching them play in esports tournaments.

The Team:

EnVyUs is an American gaming company that was founded in 2007 by Mike ‘Hastro’ Rufail. The company is mostly known for their competitive and successful Call of Duty team. Due to the successes of the esports company, they have squads competing in CS:GO, Gears of War, Halo, League of Legends, Overwatch and Starcraft II.


EnVyUs created their League of Legends team in May 2015, after they acquired Renegades spot in the NA LCS tournament. NV also signed up three former Renegades players, Seraph, Ninja and Hakuho. The latest changes saw Ninja leave NV back in April 2017. The LOL roster at present consists of Seraph, lira, Apollo, Hakuho and the latest additions  Nisqy and Pirean.

Competition Participation:

HTC Ascension

Hakuho’s first experience of a gaming competition was with Team Frostbite participating at the HTC Ascension Challenger Invitational. Other esports competitions include the 2016 North American LCS Spring and Summer leagues competing with one of the leading esports teams like Cloud 9.


The latest achievement for Hakuho and EnVyUs was at the 2017 North American LCS Summer Promotion. The LOL squad won against Gold Coin United with the unbeatable record 3:2, qualifying them for the upcoming Summer Split.

Another great win was when Hakuho was competing for Renegades at the 2016 NA LCS Summer Promotion. RNG defeated Dragon Knights 3:0 that qualified them for the next match, the Summer Split.