Nam ‘lira’ Tae-yoo

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jun 19, 2017

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Nam ‘lira’ Tae-yoo

Nam ‘lira’ Tae-yoo is a 22 year old South Korean pro gamer playing for Team EnVyUs. He takes on the responsibility of Jungler for his unit, improving his game strategies and tactics along the way with his most played LOL heroes like Rek’ Sai, Nidalee and Graves.

Lira is famous for his early game leads but changing the game play a bit to put in a few late leading game strategies, team EnVyUs will win over the best teams. Lira’s way of dealing with stress outside of the game is working out at the gym and going out with his friends.

Where it all began:

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Nam started his League of Legends gaming passion with CT University in January 2013 and has since joined renowned teams such as KT Rolster Arrows, CJ Entus Frost and Afreeca Freecs. On his journey to be a top player, Tae-yoo follows professional player Go ‘Score’ Dong-bin at least twice in a week. Watching VODs of talented junglers has helped him study and implement new ideas in his own competitive play.

The Team:

Team EnVyUs is a North American esports association that was founded in 2007, widely known for their Call of Duty team. Through past successes of NV, the company has now grown to support units that play CS:GO, Halo, League of Legends, Overwatch and Starcraft.


EnVyUs LOL team was formed in May 2016, after acquiring Renegades spot for the NA LCS league. Towards the end of 2016, Lira moved to America to play for NV, a good team that provides a better environment and with a goal to win the Worlds Championship.

The latest additions saw viOLet as head coach and professional players Nisqy and Pirean who joined NV. The current LOL squad also consists of Seraph, LirA, Apollo and Hakuho helping their LOL unit win esports matches.

Competition Participation and Winnings:

The most recent individual accomplishment for Lira and his team NV was when they participated in the LOL tournament 2017 North American LCS Spring matches. Nam received the All-LCS Team award as the best Jungler.

His highest earnings so far in Lira’s professional gaming career was at the 2016 LCK Spring LOL match. At the time he was playing for Afreeca Freecs, finishing in fifth place to scoop up a cash prize of $2,634.

Lira and his team have participated in several esports events such as the NiceGameTV bigfile Battle Royal S3, 2015 LOL KeSPA Cup, LCK Spring and Summer leagues. Tae-yoo’s most recent tournament was when he competed together with his team EnVyUs at the NA LCS Summer Promotion. As a LOL unit they beat Gold Coin United with the score 3:0 that qualifies them for the Summer Split.