Lasse ‘Kongen’ Bækkelund

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 03, 2017

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Lasse ‘Kongen’ Bækkelund

Lasse ‘Kongen’ Bækkelund is a Danish 21-year-old professional player competing in FIFA for Team Liquid. He is known for winning the esports audience with his fast playstyle tactics of Counter-attacking that creates entertaining tournaments.


One of the pro players Lasse admires is Jurgen Klopp for his capabilities to cope with high pressure and fast moves. He supports two football clubs, Real Madrid and Liverpool so much that he made a tattoo of the logo on his arm.


If the Pirates of the Caribbean had to kidnap his family, Lasse would recruit top FIFA gamer, Daniel Agger, Liverpool football coach, Steven Gerrard and his favourite cyber athlete, Jordan Henderson to help save his siblings. One of the latest films that Lasse found inspirational was the documentary movie, Allen Iverson: The Answer about the life of an American former basketball player.

Where it all began:

Lasse’s mother used to practice playing football, encouraging him into sports. He began his passion for video gaming when he received a Playstation 1 for his eighth birthday. His friends started playing FIFA encouraged him to try out at a Danish Championship just for the fun of it. He realized that he may actually be good at the game and bought a Playstation 3 to keep practicing FIFA.

Football sport2

He became competitive player in 2011 playing for teams like Tricked Esports, Sorby Esports, Odense Boldklub where he acquired the skills to be one of the top players to compete for Liquid. He just loves playing FIFA like how he thinks football should be played.

The Team:

Team Liquid is a professional esports company that acquired Team Curse and has since become one of the leading gaming units across the world. Understanding the growth of esports, Liquid have grown to have several squads competing in StarCraft, League of Legends, Hearthstone, CS: GO, Dota 2, Smash, Street Fighter, Halo and FIFA.

Liquid Kongen

Team Liquid acquired one player, Bækkelund in May 2017 from the former team, Odense Boldklub to compete in FIFA tournaments. In his own words he explains his opportunity playing for Team Liquid.

“Joining Team Liquid will give me new opportunities, plus knowledge and support to help me grow and improve as a player. I can’t wait to compete for a team that has a storied history in esports, and hope to add the first ever FIFA trophy to Team Liquid’s list of achievements.”

Competition Participation and Winnings:

Bækkelund attended his very first minor tournament, the CULT Cola Aalborg Open 2015, beating another top Danish player, Kok winning his first reward of $1,496. Kongen participated in two major tournaments, these include Waoo FIFA Liga – Season 1 and Nordic Champions 2017 while playing for Odense Boldklub.

At the most recent Copenhagen Games 2017, Liquid Kongen competed in FIFA 17, finishing in second place to win a prize of $714. Talented Bækkelund is ranked sixth place in Danish FIFA rankings so this is not the last we have heard of him. The most recent FIFA event that Liquid Kongen participated in was Elgiganten FUT Live #1, a minor gaming tournament finishing in second place to win $601.