Lane ‘Surefour’ Roberts

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 14, 2017

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Lane ‘Surefour’ Roberts

Lane ‘Surefour’ Roberts is a 22-year-old Canadian gamer from Alberta who forms part of Cloud 9 Overwatch unit. Lane takes on the role of DPS with his OW favourite heroes like Genji for his swift strike abilities and skills, Soldier: 76 for his heavy pulse rifle and McCree.

Where it all began:

Video Game Titanfall

Before becoming a pro gamer, Lane was a pub star who played MOBA games like League of Legends, Dota2, Heroes of the Storm and many others. In his spare time, training and practicing his gaming skills, Surefour has played COD, Counter-Strike, Starcraft and many others. Roberts has also participated in competitions, competing in Titanfall and Dirtybomb.

The Team:

Cloud 9 is a North American gaming organisation that was awarded the best esports team by The Game Awards 2016. The company supports different squads that play Hearthstone, League of Legends, Smite, Super Smash, Dota 2, CSGO and Overwatch.

Cloud 9 Overwatch team

Cloud 9 OW unit was created in March 2016, consisting of the former google me players that became one of the top teams in Overwatch. Since the beginning of their roster, the unit has been through some changes lately with pro player, Gods who joined to replace KyKy who left for EnVyUs. The current roster includes Surefour, Adam, ryb, Mendokusaii, Roolf and Gods.

Competition Participation:

Their very first Overwatch tournament was Agents Rising, taking the title Cloud 9 won against Team Liquid with the score of 6:3, with a prize of $5K. They have also competed at the Monthly Alienware Melee competitions, Carbon Masters November 2016 and the Route 66 Cup.

Agents Rising OW event

The most recent competition Cloud 9 Overwatch have participated in was the Major League Gaming Vegas 2016 where they ranked in third place against NV, scooping the reward of $12K.


The highest earnings for Surefour and his team was at the Overwatch Open, losing to EnVyUs with the record of 1:3 they still took home a surprising $18K.