Kim ‘Reignover’ Ui-jin

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Sep 26, 2017

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Kim ‘Reignover’ Ui-jin

Kim ‘Reignover’ Ui-jin is a LOL player who is currently competing for Team Liquid. He is famous for being the best jungler in the west for playing his League of Legends heroes, Olaf and Elise.

World War Zombies

Gaming aside, Reignover likes watching horror and thriller movies and Korean TV shows. The latest movies Kim has seen include ‘Paranormal activity’, ‘Conjuring’ and ‘Insidious’ he also likes films with zombies such as World War Z. He also likes to hang out with his teammates for drinks and loves to show off his singing talents with karaoke.

Where it all began:

Kim became passionate about gaming after he saw his brother play Korean and American video games, one of which was League of Legends. He was interested to try out the game himself just for the fun of it, never thinking that one day he would be a professional player.

League of Legends video game

He kept up his commitment to gaming reaching level 30 to relieve the stress of studying. This has led him to rank high, playing solo queue with other professional players that he saw on TV. At the time he felt he could be a better player in he was playing mid lane, he felt he could be a better player.

In Season 3 of League of Legends, Kim began his professional career when he joined Incredible Miracle 2 in March 2013 participating in his very first match, The Gigabyte NLB Summer 2013 and since then has never stopped gaming.

The Team:

Team Liquid is a gaming company that was founded in 2000 with its headquarters based in The Netherlands. They association started with a squad competing in StarCraft II. Understanding the future potential in Esports, Liquid expanded to support teams in CS: GO, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Smash, Halo, FIFA and Street Fighter. The esports organization is also worldly known for its media coverage and informative website on professional teams, pro players and tournaments. TL’s greatest achievement was in their Dota 2 team that won the prestigious event, The International 7 claiming a reward of $10 million.

Team Liquid LOL roster5

Team Liquid created their LOL lineup in January 2015, acquiring the former Team Curse gamers. Since then TL have had roster changes to make up the best team which currently consists of Lourlo, Reignover, Dardoch, Mickey, Goldenglue, Piglet and Matt. Together the LOL squad hopes to reach new heights achieving better results and to avoid low rankings in esports events.

Competition Participation and Winnings:

Reignover and his current Team Liquid participated in the Intel Extreme Masters XI Gyeonggi. Progressing through the Group stages, TL beat Dark Passage, Giants Gaming but lost to Samsung Galaxy in the Semi–Finals. The LOL unit finished in third place, scooping up a prize of $10K.

The most recent League of Legends tournaments that Reignover has attended for Team Liquid were at the 2017 NA LCS Spring and Summer Promotion. This LOL event qualified Team Liquid to participate in the next North American LCS Summer Split 2017.

A personal achievement for Reignover was while playing for Immortals at the 2016 North American LCS Summer where he won the All-Pro Team (Jungle) Award. He was also the best player in the LOL event, 2016 NA LCS Spring where he won the Split MVP award on behalf of IMT added to his list of personal records.