Ki ‘Expect’ Dae-Han

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Aug 18, 2017

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Ki ‘Expect’ Dae-Han

Ki ‘Expect’ Dae-han is a South Korean top laner training in League of Legends, competing for G2 Esports. His responsibility towards his team is to play his best with his aggressive LOL heroes Shen, Irelia, Gnar, Gangplank and Renekton. He prefers to play Fiora to help his team win esports tournaments.

Infinity Challenge tv show

Gaming aside, in Dae-han’s spare time, he loves to watch his favourite South Korean tv show, Infinite Challenge, featuring games that are silly, impossible to achieve known for its satirical comedy. Most South Koreans love Karaoke so no surprise here if you hear Expect rap to Eminem songs. When he stops being an active esports player, he said he would spend two years in the army and perhaps study at University.

Where it all began:

LOL wallpaper

Ki began his competitive esports career in 2014 with the LOL squad Midas FIO, becoming a promising talented player from South Korea. He developed his gaming skills with Xenics Storm and 2144 Gaming building up his champion pool and forming his own playstyle. Thanks to Trick’s advice, Expect got to know that G2 Esports were looking for a new top laner, so he moved to the EU to join them and study English for better communication.

The Team:

G2 Esports is a European esports organization that was founded in November 2013 formerly known as Gamers2. The association supports several squads that compete in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros and Vainglory.


G2 Esports LOL team was created in February 2014 and since then they have made a name for themselves making Europe proud. The current League of Legends squad consists of Expect, Trick, PerkZ, Zven and Mithy.

Competition Participation and Winnings:

The greatest win so far for Expect as a professional player was at the most recent 2017 EU LCS Spring Playoffs with G2 Esports. The unit defeated Unicorns of Love with the unbeatable score 3:1, taking the home the first prize of $100K.

Another big achievement while with G2 was in 2016 at the EU LOL Championship Summer Series. They managed to beat Splyce 3:1, scooping up the second highest reward of a whopping $50K.

G2 Esports have recently participated at the 2017 Rift Rivals – Blue, Mid-Season invitational and the IEM Season XI World Championship. Improving on their LOL strategies, the unit have competed against SK Telecom T1, Flash Wolves, Cloud 9, Team Solomid and World Elite taking their game levels to new heights.