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Jso Jennifer So

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 08, 2017

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Jso Jennifer So

Jennifer ‘Jso’ So is a female Counter-Strike pro player that hails from the United States. She has been competing in CS for over thirteen years and has won several ESWC events. Aside from esports gaming, Jennifer also likes the occasional Poker game and Call of Duty.

Card Game

Jso retired from competitive gaming in July 2014 and since then she graduated at the University of Illinois with a law degree. After a year she pursued her career towards healthcare, managing a hearing aid clinic.

Where it all began:

Counter Strike 1.6

Jennifer began to follow gaming in highschool after watching her brother train and practice CS 1.6 but he did not let her play the addictive game. She still found the time to play when her brother was not around which led Jso into esports gaming to make a name for herself. She began playing for SK Gaming by 2006, sharpening her CS skills to be a better player.

The Team:


JSO had been playing with the same group of girls since 2007 under the name, SK Ladies and in 2010, the unit signed up with Ubinited. The five pro gamers that formed the CS roster were Potter, missharvey, di^, Cath and bENITA. They were a strong group that concentrated on different game strategies, switched positions  and had the ability to adapt to different in game situations.

Competition Participation:

ESWC event

Jennifer So attended her first international esports event at ESWC Masters 2008, where Jso and her team finished second place losing against Les Seules winning a prize of $5K. She has competed at several other matches such as the Arbalet Ukraine 2010 Women, Intel Challenge Katowice, Copenhagen Games 2015 and many more.


Jso has had quite a few accomplishments, having competed several times at the EWSC winning six matches in first place scooping a total of $56K in total prize pools. Ubinited have certainly made a name for themselves gaining the respect they deserve in the esports community.