Irene iRene Sanchez

iRene Irene Sanchez

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 09, 2017

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iRene Irene Sanchez

Irene ‘iRene’ Sanchez is a Spanish CS:GO pro gamer playing the rifler position. She has become one of the experienced top players in Counter-Strike having had the opportunity to play for x6tence Female, Pink Zinc, Fnatic Ladies, Team Alternate Female, BMG and Millenium Ladies. At the moment Irene is not with a team but hopes that she will join one and attend the event ESWC 2017.

The Walking Dead tv show

Gaming aside, Irene enjoys watching TV Shows like Homeland, Revenge and The Walking Dead. As for other career path, Sanchez has studied Biochemistry and has a Masters in Forensic Science.

Where it all began:

Tennis sport

When Irene was still at school she liked sports and brought out her competitive side playing Tennis, where she would play in competitions. Irene Sanchez had a brother who introduced the video game CS 1.6. In 2003, she started playing with her friends casually for a whole year. When CS:GO was just released, Sanchez made the transition at an event  that was featuring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and bought the game on the same day.

The Team:

The last team iRene was with Millenium Ladies, a French esports organisation that was created in July 2010. The association started out with teams playing Dark Age of Camelot and World of Warcraft. They expanded to support squads in CS: GO, Starcraft II and League of Legends.

BMG CSGO female team

Most of Irene’s gaming career was with a Swedish esports company, Bad Monkey Gaming since the unit’s creation in January 2014. The BMG CS:GO roster included zAAz, Lillsan, juliano, Sonia and iRene who have won a few Major CS:GO tournaments.

Competition Participation:

In iRene’s gaming career so far, she has taken part in many prestigious events such as Starladder Female Star Championship – Europe, Nordic Masters 2014, ESWC events and the Copenhagen Games.

StarLadder Female Championships2

Irene has taken part in so many competitions since 2005 with Millenium Ladies, Bad Monkey Gaming, Team Alternate Female, Fnatic Ladies. She has had the gaming experience and has gone head to head with world famous squads like Mousesports female, Ubinited, Reason Gaming, Team Female among others.


The biggest achievement yet for iRene was at the Intel Challenge Katowice in 2015 while playing for Bad Monkey Gaming. They played head to head defeating CS Storm and taking the Major title, taking home a sensational $15K, the highest reward in women’s esports tournaments.

iRene’s second accomplishment as a player was while playing for Fnatic MSI Ladies at the ESWC 2010 Women. The team reached the finals, coming in second place they lost to SK Gaming and took home an amazing prize of $7K.