Greyson ‘Goldenglue’ Gilmer

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Sep 22, 2017

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Greyson ‘Goldenglue’ Gilmer

Greyson ‘Goldenglue’ Gilmer is an American professional esports LOL player that hails from Flower Mound, Texas. His responsibility towards his team is that of playing the mid Laner position for Team Liquid. Statistics show that Goldenglue performs better playing LOL characters, Varus, Ekko and Gallo at esports tournaments.

Goldenglue’s favourite livestream moment was when he got to soloqueue Faker who just came from Worlds competiion which was fun and a learning experience. As a professional LOL player, Gilmer has much respect for Korean gamers like SKT Faker, IG RooKie, KT Rolster PawN, Samsung Galaxy Crown. He is a big fan of Team Solomid Bjergsen for his consistency and skills watching his gameplays in LOL tournaments.

Hearthstone video game played by Goldenglue

When he is not playing League of Legends, Greyson likes to play video games like Overwatch and Hearthstone. Occasionally you could also find Goldenglue playing Runescape v2007 or World of Warcraft. Gilmer uses his spare time going out with his friends for drinks, working out at the gym, roadtrips and likes to watch the tv show, Game of Thrones.

Where it all began:

Call of Duty Goldenglue

Greyson developed a passion for video games since he was 5 years old. One of the video games he used to play was Call of Duty while in 7th Grade, which is where he got his nickname ‘Goldenglue’. When he was older, his friends introduced him to League of Legends and form there never stopped playing computer gamer. The goal of becoming a professional LOL gamer led him to quit football but continued to focus on his studies.

The Team:

Team Liquid was established in 2000, acquiring Team Curse that was based in The Netherlands. They started out with a team competing in Starcraft and then expanded into Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Halo, FIFA and Streetfighter. TL latest accomplishment for the Dota 2 squad was winning The International 2017 scooping the highest esports prize of s staggering $10 million.

Team Liquid LOL roster

Team Liquid LOL was created in January 2015 consisting of former Team Curse players. Since then roster has changed to make up the best lineup possible. The current pro players are Lourlo, Reignover, Dardoch, Mickey, Goldenglue, Piglet and Matt so that together they will help lead their team to victory.

Competition Participation and Winnings:

Gilmer’s first competition under Team Liquid was at the IEM XI Gyeonggi that was held in December 2016. TL managed to reach the Semi-finals but lost to Samsung Galaxy, they finished in third place in the international league to scoop up their reward of $10K.

Goldenglue has acquired his competitive experience playing for teams like Echo Fox, Team8, Team Coast and Ember. From 2014 until 2017, Greyson has competed in the North American LCS Spring and Summer competitions.

The greatest win so far for Gilmer was when he played for Ember at the 2016 NA Challenger Series. They reached the semi-finals but lost to Team Dragon Knights, however they still won a reward of $4K.

Goldenglue and Liquid attended their most recent LOL tournament 2018 North American LCS Spring Promotion which has qualified them for the NA League Championship Series Spring Split next year.