Gen.G Esports

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jun 12, 2017

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Gen.G Esports

Before the rebranding, Gen.G Esports was originally named KSV Esports, a South Korean club, who acquired the former Samsung Galaxy team rosters. The gaming club supports professional squads that compete in OverwatchLeague of LegendsPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Heroes of the Storm and Clash Royale.

Gen.G is an abbreviation for Generation Gaming for the simple reason that esports has taken on a whole new meaning through a generation of professional gamers. Just looking at the logo of Gen.G is quite intriguing to look at. From an esports fan’s perspective view, you can see that the graphics that portrays a protective shield, a heart for support and a Sword for the incoming attacks.

LOL Team

Gen.G LOL Roster

The League of Legends team was created in November 2017 under the former KSV Esports. The team consists of professional gamers CuVee, Ambition, Haru, Crown, Ruler, CoreJJ and Life. Their new additional players are Mong and Fly who have recently joined in May 2018. The most recent League of Legends tournament was at the LCK 2018 Spring Playoffs, where they lost to SK Telecom T1, finishing in 5th place to win a prize of $14K.

Overwatch Team

The squad is also known as the Seoul Dynasty, an esports team that was formed in July 2017. The current Overwatch squad includes pro gamers such as zunba, Miro, ryujehong, Tobi, Gido, Fleta, Munchkin, zepheR, Wekeed, KuKi and Gambler. The OW squad have started competing last December 2017 at the Overwatch League Preseason, PWL Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4. Results of past tournaments show that Gen.G have won over pro units such as Dallas Fuel, Florida Mayhem, Shanghai Dragons, Houston Outlaws, Philadelphia Fusion among many to make a name for themselves in the esports scene.


Gen.G have two South Korean squads, Gold and Black that play PlayerUknown’s BattleGrounds, that were formed on 3rd May 2018. Although both units are in their early stages, their competitive experience and gaming tactics will improve performance and this will help generate more support from the audience.

GEN.G Black PUBG esprtsonly


The PUBG Gen.G Black current squad consists of cyber athletes YoonRoot as Captain, Esth3r, SexyPIG and Gramatic. Together the unit competed in the PSS Season 1 finals, where they improved gradually to qualify past the PWM Season 1 that led them to the Finals main event. So far competing under Gen.G, the black squad have earned a total prize of $3,181, although still a new team, the unit has come a long way to be where they are today.

GEN.G Gold PUBG esportsonly


The Gold team that competes in PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds consists of professional gamers, Chelator, Loki, Esca and Simsn. Their competitive experience so far has taken them to participate in the PSS Season 1 Finals. Despite the loss, it was a learning curve for them to improve on their gaming tactics. In fact, in their next matches, the Gen.G Gold squad proved to be successful, winning every match towards the finals. The PUBG unit managed to finish in second place in the esports match, PWM Season 1 Finals, to win a total prize of $21,845.