Dota 2 Roster Changes 2017: New Names of This Season; Ace, Crystallize, and MagE-

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Sep 10, 2017

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The roster shuffle after The International 7 has stirred a very interesting start of this season. There were unexpected role changes, player team-ups, and new stacks announced. But the most intriguing of all are the new faces and names that we haven’t heard before. We’ll be introducing the new players of the Dota 2 Roster Changes 2017 who are fighting alongside veterans – Secret.Ace, NaVi.Crystallize, and MagE-.

Dota 2 Roster Changes – Introducing New Faces



Puppey brought a new carry to his team, Secret. Coming in hot and heavy is Marus “Ace” Hoelgaard from Denmark. Ace has been on Dota 2 competitive scene since 2012, playing with several European/CIS teams like Mousesports, Meet Your Makers, Flipsid3 Tactics, Danish Bears, and Cloud9. Though he has played for some big teams and won various minor tournaments, he didn’t have the chance to make a big name internationally.

Ace is an 8,000 MMR player in Europe and according to his public profile on Dotabuff, his most played hero is Meepo. With Puppey’s guidance and support of his team mates on Secret, Ace is probably one of the players that people are looking forward to this season.



Fans’ initial reactions when Natus Vincere announced their rosters is, “Who the hell is Crystallize?”

Vladislav “Crystallize” Krystanek is a former player of Double Dimension which won the Kiev Major Open qualifiers. There’s not much information about this guy but according to NaVi’s management, “they (Crystallize and RodjER, another member of the team) have demonstrated great performance during the practices and were able to fit in the team.”

Crystallize’s Dotabuff profile says how much of a carry he is. His most played hero is Slark with 334 matches followed by Lifestealer with 277 matches. In Europe region, Crystallize stomps pub games with his 8,100 MMR. NaVi’s manager expressed his opinion about bringing in new players:

“We were reproached for not paying attention to young talents. Vladislav is yet another example that proves it’s a wrong opinion. Under the guidance of such experienced carry as XBOCT, Crystallize has all the chances to open his potential and demonstrate a high level of performance on the global scene.”

Many are curious about how NaVi ends up with another new man on their team after they hired Malthe “Biver” Winthe during the previous season.



Troels “SyndereN” Nielsen announced on Twitter his new stack of players. Alongside Era, jonassomfan, and Handsken, SyndereN will take his chance this new season with a new player. The nameless team introduces Anas “MagE-” Hirzallah.

MagE- is a Jordanian player who made his debut in professional gaming in 2016 with a team called E-LAB. E-LAB is a Lebanon-based team where TI7 winner Maroun “gh” Merhej was once a team member sometime in 2015. After E-LAB, MagE- moved to Spotnet with his entire Jordanian teammates and tried their luck on several minor tournaments.

MagE- has 7,800 MMR and will play mid role for the team. His public profile shows his skills on Invoker as his most played hero with 729 matches played followed by Shadow Fiend, Tinker, then Ember Spirit.

More roster shuffles and new faces are expected to emerge soon as the first tournament of the season begins. Follow esportsonly to get updates and latest news about Dota 2!