Current CSGO World Rankings (June 2017)

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jun 10, 2017

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We’re halfway through the year and a lot of CS:GO has been played, however there is also a lot of CS:GO left. Most recently the ESL Pro League Finals swayed the rankings and we now see some teams in the Top 5 switching places. Here is a list of the top 5 CS:GO teams as of June 2017.


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The top 10 has stayed relatively the same for the end of Season 5 of the ESL Pro League and North is one of those teams solidified in the Top of the pack. After making it to the Finals they sit at #5, a win would have moved them up but their competition is tough


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Speaking of tough competition when it starts with SK Gaming you know you’re in for trouble!  SK Gaming didn’t have the best showing at ESL Pro League finals but their season was by far the most impressive in the ESL.  They ended up losing to the future winners but their 2017 tournament and ESL play has granted them the #4 position.


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You really can’t rank CS:GO teams without seeing Astralis’ name somewhere on top, although it’s surprising that they’ve fallen to #3.  It’s no doubt that Astralis is one of the best teams in the world, so it came as a big surprise when they didn’t make the ESL cut to play in the finals.  But they’re Astralis and their tournament play alone keeps them in the #3 position regardless of ESL ranks.


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FaZe Clan has been Astralis’ rival this year in more than one tournament, so maybe that’s why they are the second team in the top 3 to not make it to the ESL Pro League Finals.  It was quite the surprise that the former #1 team in the world couldn’t cut it online, as they are so good LAN.  But because of this they have fallen to the new #1…


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G2 Esports, they fought hard and even though they haven’t beaten FaZe or Astralis they can still say they beat two of the best teams in the world.  G2 played amazing CS:GO at the ESL PLF and it’s no surprise that after their performance and crushing of SK and North they have now found themselves atop the pedestal.