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Zhou ‘bLink’ Yang

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Dec 07, 2016

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Zhou ‘bLink’ Yang

Zhou ‘Blink’ Yang is a 24 year old who is a dedicated Dota 2 top player. At present, he plays the solo middle position for his team Wings Gaming. The Chinese community have called him the ’42 year old genius mid’ teasing him for his hair loss that makes him look like an old man.

blink and wings team

Where it all began:

Blink got inspired by another pro gamer Zou ‘820’ Yotian who used to play for the squad Old Boys and was also LGD Gaming coach. Thanks to the motivation, Yang is a talented dota 2 athlete who enjoys every moment playing with Wings Gaming, except when the squad loses.

The Team:

Wings Gaming was created in 2014 with five team players who specialise in Dota 2. The current roster includes Blink, Shadow, Faith_bian, Iceice and Y’ famous for their unpredictable moves, choosing different champions in every tournament that they play.

Wings gaming team esportsonly


In the majority of the dota 2 competitions, blink is known to play the wise Invoker and this fact led the opponents to ban the hero in the selection process. Yang often brings out his gaming strategies showing the esports spectators that he can play a wide range of dota 2 characters like the rest of his squad.

Competition Participation:

Wings Gaming have attended The Boston Major 2016 finishing in the 10th place walking away with a reward of $62,500. They also competed in The Summit 6 losing to Evil Genuises but ranked in fourth place winning a prize pool of $10,000.

The Boston Major Dota tournament

The first match to start the year 2017, Wings Gaming have competed in the ESL One Genting 2017 in Malaysia finishing 3rd to 4th winning a prize of $22,500. Other prestigious events that Blink and his unit have participated in include Dota 2 ACE  – Provisional, China top 2016, G-League 2016 and many others.


The great achievement for Blink as a player and for the squad Wings Gaming was winning The International 2016 Championship. They ranked first place beating Chaos claiming a cash prize of sensational $9.1 million.