Benita Novshadian

bENITA Benita Novshadian

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 09, 2017

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bENITA Benita Novshadian

Benita ‘bENITA’ Novshadian is an American female CS: GO player who plays for Counter Logic Gaming Red team. Having a background of Counterstrike 1.6 helped Benita become a better pro developing strategies and different gameplays for the advantage of the unit.

Having participated in many world championships, Benita has acquired the experience practicing five hours a day to be one of the top CS players. Gaming aside, Novshadian loves to spend some time relaxing on the beach and enjoys attending concerts.

Where it all began:

CounterStrike 1.6 video game

When Novshadian was nine years old, her older brother showed her how to play CS. Her love for gaming at such a young age made her competitive and determined to become better than him in CS 1.6.

The Team:

CLG RED female team

The esports organisation, CLG is known for having the oldest LOL active unit competing at top levels. bENITA was a former Ubinited gamer who signed up with Counter Logic Gaming Red that was established in 2015. The CLG Red roster is made up of five cyber athletes that include Potter as the in-game leader, bENITA, di^, Klaudia and missharvey competing in CS: GO.

Competition Participation:

In bENIta’s gaming career, she has competed against some of the world’s top squads like Fnatic, playing for SK Gaming at the time. Her very first CS Tournament was at Arbalet Ukraine 2010 Women, winning the Major title and the prize pool of $10K.

Fragadelphia 6

In her gaming career so far she has participated in the minor event Fragadelphia 6, Intel Challenge Katowice 2016 and Dreamhack Masters Las Vegas in 2017.


The most successful achievements so far for bENITA was with SK Gaming winning the premier match, ESWC 2010 Women, beating Fnatic and claiming a spectacular prize of $14K.

Another of her accomplishments was the first tournament with CLG Red, Electronic Sports World Cup 2015 Women. They won against with the score of 2 – 0, scooping an amazing reward of $7K.