Andy ‘Smoothie’ Ta

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 14, 2017

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Andy ‘Smoothie’ Ta

Andy ‘Smoothie’ Ta is a Canadian cyber athlete who takes on the role of Support for Cloud 9 LOL team. Andy helps his team control the map and protect his team mates with his best LOL heroes, Bard, Taric and Malzahar.

Smoothie started as a full-time gamer by the end of the LCS Summer Split 2016. Given his limited game play in the Summer event, Ta has earned the respect of being the best support KDA in the league.

Where it all began:

Runescape video game

Andy started gaming at an early age playing video games like Runescape and Maplestory with his cousins. When he got his own computer, he would casually play League of Legends. Realising how LOL is becoming a popular game in the esports scene, Smoothie dedicated more time to become a professional gamer competing for his first unit, Dragon Knights.

The Team:

C9 is a North American esports team supporting several esports units playing different video games like;

Cloud 9 LOL team3

The LOL team have brought in new players, Contractz as the jungler replacing Meteos and Ray plays the top laner substitute to Impact. Under the guidance of the C9 Coach, Reapered and captain, the squad’s talents and gaming skills will help rise to new heights.

Competition Participation:

NA Championship series

Their latest LOL competition was the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split where they finished in second place. Since the beginning of the squad’s creation, they have attended many North American LCS Spring and Summer tournaments as well as IEM World Seasons.


The highest prize win for Smoothie and his team, Cloud 9 was scooping $268K at the 2016 World Championship losing to Samsung Galaxy to rank fifth in the event.

Another great achievement for Cloud 9 was to be The Best Esports Team awarded by The Game Awards 2016. Receiving such a reward is motivation for them to keep on doing what they do best to be a better unit.