WG Unity

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Aug 23, 2016

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WG Unity

WG Unity or WarriorsGaming.Unity is a Malaysian professional esports company which specialise in Dota 2. The association was created on the 28th November 2015 and managed by Yuki ‘Mew’ Susuqi. The squad is sponsored by a Real Estate company, DF Realty SDN BHD in Kuala Lampur.

WG Unity came together through Ahfu’s old friend, Liew Tak who eventually offered to sponsor the dota team. It was thanks to this support that Warriors Gaming was founded, by providing a place to stay, a proper bootcamp and money for living expenses.

How do they cope with the pressure of dota 2 competition? As a team, WG Unity believe that having the skills by training, putting in the hard work and dedication will help them to achieve better results.  In fact, one of the biggest achievements so far was qualifying for The Boston Major and eventually reaching 6th place in the event, winning a prize pool of $125K.

The Team

Lal ‘Ahjit’ Jay Son is a professional Dota athlete that forms part of the WG Unity roster. Son plays the carry role with his signature heroes Ember Spirit, Slark and Naga Siren. Ahjit is the type of person who likes to play a lot of games and jokingly makes others quarrel to create some drama.

Kam ‘NaNa’ Boon Seng is a talented esports pro competing for WarriorsGaming.Unity. Kam is the planner of the team, the person that leads the others on what dota strategies to use and how to implement game plays. NaNa’s position within the squad the Solo middle bringing out his abilities and smart moves with heroes like Invoker, Shadow and Outworld Devourer.

Tue ‘Ahfu’ Soon Chuan is a dedicated dota 2 player who is captain of WG Unity. His experience and gaming strategies have helped provide the supportive role for the rest of the squad, playing heroes like Enigma, Earth Spirit and Vengeful Spirit. Ahfu started out his professional gaming career with the squad Nara Stacks in April 2014 and then moved on to compete with Mineski till January 2015.

Jian Wei ‘XNova-‘ Yap is a dota 2 pro gamer playing support for WarriorsGaming.Unity. His smart moves are mechanical with his favourite champions Night stalker, Tusk and Visage.  When xNova is not playing or practising, he studies the dota game. Jian analyses which strategies are good and how to improve in game plays for his unit.

The newest team member that joined WarriorsGaming.Unity is Benjamin ‘Ben’ Lim who will be the squad’s offlaner. His gaming skills have given him the ability to handle two positions the carry and offlaner to lead WG Unity to win dota 2 tournaments.