The Top Five Overwatch Heroes: Voted By You

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Feb 02, 2017

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The first community voted top list, those of you who participated in our poll all pitched in to help us find your favorite Overwatch heroes. You can check up on last week’s article about Overwatch’s most annoying heroes if you’re feeling cynical, but if you’re in the mood for some positive notes and good vibes, this is the list for you. Of course, there’s no denying that every Overwatch hero is lovable in one way or another, and while not everyone’s favorites made the list, myself included (Meibe next time), there’s still some solid reasoning, both gameplay-wise and lore-wise for each of these five heroes.

5. Mercy

Topping off the list is Overwatch’s signature angel of, well, mercy. Mercy is sometimes a chore to play, and it certainly isn’t great when she’s trying her best to heal the team and nobody seems to be appreciating it, but you have to give her some credit for being a single mother of five for every game she’s in. In all seriousness though, there’s a lot to like about Mercy. Her whole attire with her angel wings fluttering out to let her glide to people in need, her ultimate that undoes all the enemy’s hard work (as long as their work was done all at once in a single area), and her wonderfully efficient and compact pistol that is capable of doing a surprising amount of damage despite how small it looks. Whether it’s a Mercy that’s willing to die to save the team or a Mercy that charges straight into the firefight with her pistol set to rapid fire, it’s hard not to enjoy having one on your team.

overwatch ana 6

Source: Blizzard

4. Ana

Next up is the reason why we all know to wait before making snap judgements about how good a new hero is: that’s right, it’s the newest support character, Ana. While Mercy may have it hard being a single mother of five, it’s even harder to have to watch five grandkids at once, but somehow Ana can pull it off most of the time, with her tranquilizer darts and endless amounts of snark as she shuts down enemies with them making her a joy to have on any team and even more of a joy to play. The whole “badass grandma” aesthetic really helps her stand out from the rest of the cast, and the fact that she really doesn’t have anything super flashy or crazy in her arsenal makes her somewhat of a more relatable character than the pseudo-humans that fill up the rest of the roster.

3. Zarya

This one caught me by surprise, actually, but third on the list is none other than Mother Russia herself, Zarya. In retrospect, it does make a certain amount of sense that she’s so well respected and enjoyed. The woman does get to wield a literal laser cannon around with her that also fires off explosions made of lasers (somehow) and can project energy absorbing forcefields around her and her teammates, and can also shoot out a miniature black hole. And she does this all while sporting a flashy pink haircut and spouting out some solid weightlifting puns. She might not be the nicest soldier around, or even one of the nicer soldiers, but she packs a punch and is sure to take a pounding for her team.

dva screenshot 001

Source: Blizzard

2. D.Va

Surprisingly not number one, though she certainly got close, the gamer girl D.Va managed to swoop up the number two spot for herself, and it’s no shocker she placed so high. It’s hard to beat teenage popstar gamer girls that also pilot mechs to fight gigantic evil robots when it comes to being a beloved character, and D.Va meets all these criteria and then some. Though the youngest and frailest of the Overwatch crew, when she’d in her mech she gets a pair of rapidly firing shotgun machineguns, a jetpack that sends her flying through the air, and an APM rate so high she can shoot any projectile coming straight for her right out of the air in her defense matrix. On top of all that, she has the courtesy to livestream all of her battles to her fans, which has some potentially really serious consequences, but as long as she doesn’t get killed, everything seems to work out fine.

1. Lucio

Skating fast and dropping the beat bass, Lucio ended up coming out on top by just a few votes, but was number one nonetheless, and it’s not hard to see why. For one, he’s basically the nicest guy around, in and out of the battlefield. He even plays music as he fights just to keep up the spirits and heal up those of whom are fighting alongside him, and if things need to move faster, all he’s gotta do is switch around his songs and everyone around him can pick up the pace. Lucio’s a carefree and constantly cheerful guy, and I’d say he definitely deserves a spot on top just for that, though how unique and helpful his kit is also helps build his case a great deal.