The Top 10 Most Annoying Overwatch Heroes

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Feb 14, 2017

After last week's article on our Top 10 Most Fun Overwatch Heroes, we'll be doing the inverse this time around: the heroes you just can't seem to beat no matter how hard you try, the ones you're positive are cheating every time they kill you, and the ones who always show up and pound you at the worst possible moment. That's right, this time around it's our list of the top 10 most annoying heroes to go up against in Overwatch.

10. Sombra

While not the most powerful hero in the game, nor usually the most influential, fighting a good Sombra can be a nightmare, with her ability to disable any health packs you desperately need and the fact that she can teleport away from you and recover before coming back to finish you off. And that's not even mentioning her ability to completely disable all of your own abilities and invisibility. Luckily, her low damage output and flimsy health makes her not too difficult to deal with if you're expecting her.

9. McCree

Having a one-on-one showdown with this cowboy is something you might want to avoid, unless you're a tank or can manage to catch the man by surprise. Despite his simple kit, McCree is very deadly in up-close combat, his headshots doing a great amount of damage even from a distance and his flashbang rendering anyone it hits completely immobile for a moment, giving him more than enough time to kill you with a well placed headshot or a fan the hammer. Be thankful he has limited mobility options and no easy way to deal with tanks.

8. Pharah

It's hard to enjoy a fight against someone you can't even hit, and unless you're playing someone who can hit far off, quick moving targets with accuracy, you're going to have a bad time against Pharah. Her missiles often feel like they're everywhere, and having them knock you around with each hit only makes it even harder to aim for her. And don't forget about her concussive blast, which can knock entire teams of heroes off the side of a cliff, and just entirely disorientate anyone not expecting it. Good thing her ultimate is quite easy to take down.


Source: Heavy Editorial

7. Genji

A very agile character, Genji is quite hard to pinpoint as he zips around and whips shurikens at everyone. Probably the most mobile of characters as well, there's almost nowhere you can go that Genji can't follow you, so outrunning or outmanoeuvring him is out of the question. Get too trigger happy with him and you'll end up getting your own bullets, or even your own ultimate deflected directly back at you. And, when backed up by his team, Genji's ultimate has huge team-wiping capabilities.

6. Reinhardt 

Somewhat the opposite of Genji, Reinhardt is slow and easily seen coming. But that doesn't make him any less deadly. Though he lacks range, Reinhard's giant hammer packs a huge punch, and can take out almost any hero in just a few swings. The main reason he's an annoyance, though, is because of his massive shield. Sporting a massive 1,500 HP, it's sure to shield his teammates from tons of damage as they shoot at you safely behind it, and it can even block several ultimates. There's also just something incredibly infuriating about being pinned by one of his charge attacks.

5. Bastion

This one seems fairly self-explanatory. Who hasn't turned a corner only to be instantly mowed down by the character with the highest DPS in the game? Though not a huge threat in sentry mode, once Bastion goes into turret mode, he's a completely different story. Get caught off guard by him for even a split second and he can turn you right into a bullet pincushion. The only way to viably get past him is either to just overwhelm him with your team, or sneak around to his only weak spot directly behind him.

4. Zarya

It sure is a bummer when everything you've just shot at the enemy is absorbed and converted into more power for their tank, and Zarya brings this bummer to fruition. Whenever there's a Zarya on the other team it feels as if there's always a shield being placed right over the person you're shooting at, especially when they're a good Zarya. Her health being very largely regenerative, as well as very plentiful, makes Zarya very difficult to take on by yourself, and every mistake you make only leads to her strength growing.

tracer wallpaper wide3

Source: Blizzard

3. Tracer

As with Pharah, a hero you can't hit is a hard one to fight, and Tracer takes that to a completely different level.Despite being the frailest of all heroes with only 150 HP, Tracer feels like she has much more, as her blink lets her zip around and shoot at you from completely different angles in the blink of an eye. Couple that with her rewind ability, which puts her back in a difficult to tell position and restores all damage she's taken and ammo she's spent in the last few seconds, and you have yourself a nightmare to fight.

2. Junkrat

You know how fun it is to trap people and blow them sky high with a well placed mine, and to lob grenades at random and still get plenty of eliminations even though that " totally shouldn't have killed"? Being on the receiving end of that chaos isn't quite as enjoyable. In fact, it's quite hard to enjoy walking right into a trap and becoming helpless to the enemy Junkrat. Having that hothead just pelt you with a couple of grenades and then get on his merry way just leaves you with a bad feeling in your stomach. Also, the bombs he drops upon death are some of the most annoying things in any video game, ever.

1. Mei

The supreme overlord of all things annoying, Mei easily tops off the list with her kit. Being slowly frozen and having nothing to do about it is downright terrifying, and her icicle gun can kill just about anyone who's not a tank with one headshot after a freeze. Trapping herself in a block of ice is also a "get out of jail free" card for her in practically any situation, and her walls can even be a huge hindrance to her own team. Without a doubt, Mei is the most annoying character in Overwatch.